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Envasado Xiomara

  • Bespoke aerosol manufacturing
  • Third-party aerosol packaging
  • Own-brand aerosol wholesale

Over 40 years of experience as an aerosol manufacturer in Spain.

We will help you create your own aerosol brand or improve and expand your spray range.

Envasado Xiomara will assist you with all phases of your aerosol business. How? Learn more about our services:

Aerosol manufacturing services

fabricación aerosoles a medidda

Bespoke aerosol manufacturing

  • 360º Service
  • Minimum order of 25,000 units. For quantities between 10,000-24,000, please consult
  • Exclusive custom formula development
  • Aerosol filling
  • Aerosol design and legal regulation
venta de aerosoles

Own-brand aerosols sold to distributors and wholesalers

  • Party sprays
  • Drugstore and cleaning aerosols
  • Personal care sprays
  • DIY sprays
  • Car maintenance and cleaning sprays
envasad aerosoles a terceros

Third-party aerosol packaging

  • Distributor-branded or private-label production
  • Minimum order of 25,000 units. For quantities between 10,000-24,000, please consult
  • Customisable spray range
  • Maximum confidentiality
  • Supply chain assurance
  • Export to more than 21 countries

Envasado Xiomara has a bespoke solution for your business!

As a specialised aerosol manufacturer, we will assist you throughout the development process or with the phase you need most to help your aerosol project grow.

Aerosol manufacturing categories

Let’s get to work on your new aerosol project!

As an aerosol manufacturer in Spain, Envasado Xiomara offers a wide range of products and distributes to more than 21 countries.

Home and DIY sprays, insecticide sprays, party sprays, dermatologically certified personal care sprays, and car sprays.

Aerosols customised to your brand for wholesale

fabrica spraysempresa aerosoles españa
  • Body paint
  • Coloured hairsprays
  • Confetti
  • Silly string
  • Snow flakes
  • Artificial snow
  • Artificial blood
  • Washable graffiti paint
fabricante sprayempresa sprays
  • Spray refills
  • Hand sprays and mini-sprays
  • Air fresheners with push button or dispenser
  • Cleaners
  • Household stain remover sprays
fabricante sprays a medidaempresa aerosoles
  • Alcohol deodorants
  • Hairsprays
  • Hair mousse
  • Sun creams
  • Nail Polish Dryer
  • Shower mousse
Fabrica de aerosolesFabrica de aerosoles
  • Dashboard cleaner
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • Puncture repairer
  • Turbo cleaner
  • Chain grease
  • Rubber protector
  • Lighter refill
fabricante aerosolesfabricante aerosoles a medida
  • Loosener
  • Lubricant oil
  • Lubricant spray

Envasado Xiomara aerosol brands


Advantages of an aerosol manufacturer in Spain

Best market price and higher profit margin

We don’t outsource any stage of the aerosol manufacturing process

We export nationally and internationally

Capacity for large-scale orders

Fast delivery times 6-8 weeks with supply chain assurance at all times

Wide range of aerosol packaging products and third-party services

Quality and commitment to our customers and the planet

  • ISO 14001 certified
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Members of the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA)
  • Made in Spain and Made in Europe quality and safety certifications
  • Solid and liquid waste control

Safety, confidence and commitment

calidad envasado xiomara

Looking for an aerosol manufacturer in Spain?

Tell us all about your project and leave it with us. Fill out the form and get all the information you need!

    Tell us all about your project and leave it with us. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you!