15 products that can only be used with aerosol filling

Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it
August 14, 2018
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Aerosol filling for top quality cosmetic products
October 15, 2018
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15 products that can only be used with aerosol filling

aerosol filling products

Aerosol filling constitutes a development or a mode of releasing liquid substances. These substances are mixed with a high-pressure propellant gas in a metallic or glass container which is also sealed. The container sealing is provided with an output system through a valve with a cannula or an immersion tube.

Aerosol filling features and qualities

The manual or mechanic operation of the valve that includes this container leads to the output of a mix of both stages. The gas is sprayed in the atmosphere and the drops of the liquid are spread uniformly on an area. This mode of releasing is very useful for many substances in order to obtain physicochemical qualities that make possible the product effectiveness.

Is Xiomara your aerosol filling companyAn aerosol paint can, for instance, carries its own application system in the container. This mode of applying the paint enables to fix gradually a paint layer on a solid body. The distribution in thin layers enables an easy application, as well as an utilisation economically appealing of natural or synthetic dyeing.

These properties attribute special qualities for a large number of products to this mode of presentation. In many instances, there is no other option to preserve, until application, the properties of a substance. Security and economy in the filling process provide a valuable service to this production industry. The commercialisation of a great deal of goods is possible thanks to the latter.

Aerosols in Spain

Aerosol filling in Spain constitutes a mature industry in the economy that gathers a large number of companies. The advantages of this type of filling and the large quantity of products that preserve their best properties with this system make this possible. With more than 50 years of industrial experience in our country, the main companies are grouped in the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA, in its Spanish acronym).

This industry continues innovating. With the introduction of designs, new materials and security features, the spray is rising again. Fillers with own or third party products reveal the advantages of this mode of presentation. The application of quality certifications in the production process makes us to do our best every day.

Our company is convinced that the future will open new doors to this type of filling. The selective collection of containers for their subsequent recycling minimizes the environmental impact of the manufacturing. Containers can be manufactured in steel, aluminium, glass or plastics, which a quality product requires for a different, effective and comfortable presentation.

The variety of products in aerosol filling

In Spanish, it is very common to use the English term “spray” (“espray”, in Spanish) referring to an aerosol. The word aerosol can be used for a mode of application of a substance or to the gases accompanied by the propellants in the active substance.

Thus, it is easy to hear the concepts “spray in aerosol” or “spray without propellant gas”. The latter refers to those pressurised filled products in a way that this substance complies with the propellant function. The most often used gas for this aim is usually butane or a mix of butane and propane.

We will see here below the products of the different industries that apply to this type of filling for the distribution and application of your products:


Cosmetics is an industry with a great variety of products. Between aesthetic effects and hair and skin care, a great catalogue of proposals distributes the industry. The main uses are for sunscreens, moisturizing substances, cleansing products and serums.

In these products, the advantages of the spray are the ease of use, the uniform distribution of the active substances and the comfortable access to all body parts, such as the back, where it is more complicated to extend with the hand. The dispersing in nanometre sizes of the substances and the distribution in thin layers increase the effectiveness of the product.


Xiomara: aerosol fillling CompanyPaint sprays are very popular products. Bricolage and decoration require products for discreet areas for a flawless finish. These are water-based paints, making them in products with low environmental impact.

In paint surfaces, it is usual to create mixes of substances when applying. Proportion measures and necessary equipment in the application in “clean” conditions difficult the operations. The spray is turned to a comfortable, fast and economic alternative. No one could have done better.


These are controversial products. In a same group, these forbidden products are gathered in order to be commercialised in our country with other legal products. Recently tear and pepper sprays are legal with some restrictions.

Aiming to avoid any doubts, there are some certified brands in Spain that are completely legal and are authorised for self-defence. As a matter of interest, the propellant that is normally used is a butane mix with isobutene and the capsaicin active substance is dissolved in acetone.

Hair salon

For hair caring, a great deal of products have been created and many of them are applied in spray form. In fact, the association between hairdressing and aerosols are immediate for the majority of people. It is very usual to serve these products in sprays, such as, for instance, fixers, capillary moisturizers, volume creators or oils to untangle the hair.

Assurance can be given to the fact that this type of product in aerosol with these characteristics is not missing in hair salons.

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Food industry

R&D is responsible for the commercialisation of food and drinks filled in aerosols. The nature almost experimental of many of these proposals makes limited the distribution, but this trend is growing increasingly. The application in a determined type of food labelled delicatessen adds further merit in the application of this exotic and surprisingly development.


In pharmaceutical developments, no factor is left haphazardly to affect a drug. If the mode of spray is chosen for a product, this is given the characteristics in presentation that do not appear in others.

Nanoparticles release of the active ingredient reinforces the therapeutic effect sought. Many tests have been performed to guarantee this and it has been scientifically proved.

Hardware store

Hardware store, aerosol fillingLeather cleaning specialised sprays are used to inject new life and elegance to clothes and furniture. Spraying at thirty centimetres of a surface guarantees the distribution in very thin layers of cleaning particles. After a small proportion of time, it can be scrub and the spots disappear.

Hardware industry is full of small solutions, such as this one, to specific materials. The aim is cleaning or giving a special characteristic. In such instances, the aerosol has also the advantage.


Oils and lubricants of armours in aerosol can access to hidden parts of a mechanism. A thin spray guarantees that some parts will reach the most-hidden corners of a weapon to have this effect. Cleaning and speed of the operation attract in the armouries to thousands of customers attracted by the benefits of this presentation.

Other developments may be more complexed, ineffective and expensive. Logically, everybody is persuaded. 


When a door’s latch does not open, before proceeding with the replacement, a special lubricant can be tested. Lubrication with graphite powder may cause the movement of the most stuck mechanism.

A different presentation will make useless the work of these extremely thin particles. These are capable of rolling two metallic pieces stuck due to dirt, or due to moisture which has remained for too long in a delicate mechanism.


Cosmetics in a television studio or in a theatre’s dressing room demands quickness. There is no time to mix nor to rehearse near the mirror. Moisturizing substances to enhance special shine to the skin are supplied with aerosol fillers or sprays.

In this particular situation, when something works, the action is repeated almost automatically.


Aerosol filling, sprayCleaning sprays play with electrostatic energy. A varnished furniture is a natural attraction of dust particles. This is proved when you return home after a long journey. An extremely thin particle layer with the identical load than dust would invert the solution.

Without going so far in terms of refinement, the spray development is also provided for usual detergent products. The person that has to clean every day values this presentation.

Air Fresheners

Flavour particle diffusion require a precise and continuous dosage. The calculation of the duration of the effects is performed intuitively. With a spray system, anyone can learn to give a precise press after some few rehearsals. Minimum size particles that are present in the air make this miracle happen.


Pet products are growing increasingly. A powerful industry of resources to ensure their well-being has been created for these restless flatmates. Antiparasitic applicators in spray ease the use of low dosages that may be damaging other species. The repetition of this operation in a determined cycle time ensures a complete removal of unsolicited guests.

Animal’s health at home require compatible solutions in the human environment where they are included.


aerosol filling, insecticideIn warm months, the cycle of life of some insects are activated prodigiously. This use of time is most often aligned with the need to keep the windows and doors opened. Insecticides sprays seek to establish balance of populations or to avoid disturbing and, therefore, enjoy a night’s rest.

A thin layer of insecticide is always better than a toilet unnecessarily life-threatening to other living creatures. The spray optimises this proportionally effort.

Hand fire extinguishers

A small hand bottle to extinguish small fires can be useful in certain situations. Fire can be managed by chemistry. Extinguishing a flame at the beginning is relatively easy with a correct dosage in fire-resistant substances.

This safety product should not be missed in a vehicle in case something that should be maintained effective and unchangeable begins to burn.

A company dedicated to their customers

The variety of products in the industry designed to be applied in spray is not a coincidence. It proves that many substances, aiming to maximise the effectiveness, require a special mode of operation. In case something improves with a thin distribution in nanoscale layers in terms of thickness, aerosols can be the option to consider.

No effects to the ozone layer need be feared, since CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) have been forbidden for some time. Filling industry in sprays has been implementing for years the regulations focused on the defence of the atmosphere. Gases used nowadays do not damage the ozone layer under no circumstances. Environmentally friendly alternatives have been found.

If you intend to commercialise a product that require aerosol for the application, you can count on our support. We are Envasado Xiomara, a company with many years of experience in the aerosol filling industry. We would be glad to answer your questions that may arise in a project that involve this type of aerosol, which has a successful future ahead.  

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