Why are the Xiomara aerosols less harmful for the environment?

Why Xiomara is your aerosol company
Why Xiomara is your aerosol company
March 28, 2017
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March 30, 2017
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Why are the Xiomara aerosols less harmful for the environment?

Why are the Xiomara aerosols less harmful for the environment Aerosol Company

Xiomara is your aerosol company, in addition to being a worldwide reference in the party and novelty spray sector. One of our greatest concerns is environmental care. We know the effect that many of these products can have on our environment. Therefore, we take the utmost of care in the manufacturing of our products, minimizing the risks. We are certified in environmental management by the ISO 14001 (Bureau Veritas) standard and have active policies to reduce our carbon footprint. How do we do it? We’ll show you shortly.  Discover why Xiomara is a unique company.  Ready? Let’s go!

CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AS AN AEROSOL COMPANYcaring for the environment - aerosol company

In Xiomara, we strive every day to achieve the best products.  Our fundamental goal is to give our clients the best service with the highest price-quality relationship. Our company stands out for our flexibility and diversity within the aerosol world.  We cover a wide variety of sectors within the market: manufacturing products for home use, parties, cosmetics, the automobile industry, hardware stores, etc. We never neglect our concern for the environment. We’ll explain how you can contribute to environmental care, by choosing our company.


  • At Xiomara, we pay special attention to research and innovation, to do everything in our hands to keep our environment in good shape.
  • This type of action has lead us to be selected in programs with the CDTI, (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology, a public institution), in addition to agreements with the University of Castilla La Mancha.
  • All of these efforts are centred in a R&D multi-departmental team.
  • As regards our exports, we follow the United States procedures set forth by C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).  A joint initiative between the government and companies whose objective is to build cooperative commercial relationships.  This way, we seek to reinforce and improve the business value chain.
  • At our company we want to share the same goals with our employees.  To do so, we provide continuing education in prevention, hygiene and cleaning, work place safety, and Lean Manufacturing.  
  • To guarantee the safety of our products, we have a control plan for solid and liquid by-products.  This is carried out by a regulated company dedicated specifically to these tasks.
  • Our goal is the manufacturing and improvement of products to benefit the environment and all of our clients.


In Xiomara, we have 40 years of experience. We are committed to continuous improvement, innovation, and to the environment. We are members of the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA) and we belong to its Board of Directors.  Xiomara exports to over 20 countries with the  dedication and experience of the best professionals in the industry.  Our vision is to be international leaders in the aerosol packaging market.  Are you looking for excellent quality in your packaging? Don’t hesitate, contact us now no strings attached, and experience the best service.

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