Do you know how an aerosol works?

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June 27, 2017
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Do you know how an aerosol works?

aerosol filler company explains you how aerosol works

Aerosols were discovered as an invention to spray a product enclosed in a container during the Second World War in the war of the Pacific. This container stored liquids or gases with an internal pressure. Nowadays, aerosols are basic objects in our daily lives. It is very usual for us to accept that they contain cosmetics, food products, insecticides, paints, etc. The most practical advantage of this product is their easy presentation and application from an industrial product to a domestic product. At Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, we are going to explain how an aerosol really works. Do not miss the details!


At Xiomara we point out that the functioning basis of aerosols and sprays has evolved considerably since its invention. Aerosols and sprays are mainly a pressurized container where liquid or gases are stored. The elements that compose these products are the following: a valve (where the spray content comes out), a nozzle (opens and closes the valve where the liquid must come out), a spring (it keeps the nozzle in the right position), a container (with the spraying liquid), an actuator (that covers the nozzle), a content (which is sprayed) and a gas (at a higher temperature inside the container).

Step by step:

  • Propellant mixed with liquid

The propellant is inside the container in liquid or in gas form. It is subject to a high pressure. As it is released, it mixes with the spraying liquid.

  • The liquid reaches the nozzlehow aerosol works at your aerosol filler company 2

When the button is pressed, the liquid ascends vertically through the dip tube generally connected to the valve. The spray is not released until it reaches the nozzle.

  • Changes in pressure

When the combination of the contained liquid in the dip container is mixed with the propellant, the pressure rises. Inside the container, the propellant is under high pressure. Once in contact with the normal atmosphere, the liquid is sprayed, thereby aerosols become the perfect object to dose liquids in human beings and in the environment.


Envasado Xiomara is a well-known aerosol filler in Spain and an international reference in the party aerosol industry. We have 40 years of history and we are a European aerosol packagers committed to ongoing improvement. We seek to totally adapt to our customers’ requirements, always willing to be flexible to their demands, at the best prices of the market. Furthermore, our products do not damage the environment; quite the opposite, they are all designed to protect the environment, avoiding air pollution. If we know your needs, we find the solution. Feel free to contact us know.

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