How to know if your aerosol filler complies with the applicable regulations

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How to know if your aerosol filler complies with the applicable regulations

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Quality plays an important role in the success or failure of a product. Regarding aerosol filling, the quality system must be capable of delivering a product that complies with the applicable regulations in order to achieve a higher and secure performance. Therefore, it is necessary to establish requirements and written regulations. Quality is a decisive factor. In Envasado Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, we show you how to know if your aerosol filler complies with the applicable regulations. Stay tuned!

Regulations in Xiomara, your aerosol filler company 

The quality assurance applied in our aerosol filler company is achieved according to a range of tools, such as statistics used to measure the implementation of technical specifications. Likewise, sampling plans, analytical procedures and inspection tests for the equipment are very helpful too. Product quality is also measured by the implementation of guarantees, consumer complaints and claims. When we find low quality, the results obtained are unfavourable. Besides, the company has to bear the withdrawal cost of the product from the distribution facilities and selling points. This means a loss due to the non-compliance of the specifications in the filling regulations.

Aerosols quality assurance

There are many tests required to achieve quality assurance during the aerosol filling manufacturing process. Good measurement procedures and accuracy is required in these tests, including depth and dimensional measurements of the aerosol filler, pressure, spray pattern, speed and quality of the filler product.

Analysis in factory

Usual chemical studies in an aerosol product include inspections and samples of all tanker vehicles and raw material tanks and a maintenance programme. Furthermore, the company must provide the references of all suppliers involved in the material used and keep track assessing values such as: smell, colour, appearance, acidity, water solubility, degree of moisture, gas chromatography, etc. Analysis reports must be present in a book specifically set up for this purpose, which should be in the laboratory. All containers, such as cuvettes, jerry cans, bags… must be labelled in order to know their exact content. Finaaerosol fillerlly, pallets must be identified to distinguish the situation of products.

Production process

During the production process, a record of the aerosols´ weight must be performed continuously and a bath test performed. It is important to determine the crimped depth and diameter of each spray head. It also plays an important role to standardise the tools from a pattern. In this process we must review that there are no gas nor concentration leaks in the injectors, that the aerosols pressure is appropriate in each case and verify that there are no products with waste materials. The filling and concentrate preparation equipment must stay cleaned, as well as the measuring instruments.

See you at Xiomara, your aerosol filler company

Xiomara is a well-known aerosol filler company in Spain. Our products do not damage the environment. Quite the opposite, they are all designed to protect the environment, avoiding air pollution. If we know your needs, we find the solution. Are you willing to obtain an excellent quality in your spray fillers? Feel free to contact us now.

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