Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it

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Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it


Aerosol filling represents a very popular method to present all kind of products. This option is not frequently casual, due to a comprehensive study that ensures an effective use for the customer.

The wide diversity of utilities obtained by this formula constitutes an added value in many business areas. Home products, cosmetics, hardware and technical products, food products and leisure activities can benefit their tested positive strengths.

General approaches for choosing aerosol filling

The chemical industry in general pays particular attention to provide solutions to a wide range of issues in the industry. The easiness of applying a product with the appropriate conditions of preservation represents the purpose of hundreds of essays and studies.

In the food or pharmaceutical industry, all controls constitute an endless chain of stages in the product development. If these products are home, motor or party products, the requirement levels are focused on the effectiveness and convenience when used. Cleanliness and the minimum level of waste in the application of the product are factors positively valued.

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In each specific application, the required resources should be provided so that the operative is simple. Furthermore, the latter should be clear to understand and it should not lead to added difficulties for the customer. The analysis of the special situations, which could undermine the effectiveness, are considered and actions have been implemented in order to neutralize them.

The various methods of packaging arriving in a store result from a considered decision about the alternative possibilities, after taking into account preservation, integrity, safety, economy and customer preferences appreciated by the manufacturer.

Five key features of aerosol products

1. Preservation and integrity of the product. The hermetic seal in metallic fillers, in general steel, glass or plastics, ensures the environmental isolation. The effect caused by the light, the environmental moisture or the atmospheric pressure is completely neutralized due to this resource.

The popularity of the metallic sprays is due to the unchanging nature offered to products for long periods of time. These objects do not spot nor get things dirty, as they are fully isolated, which are ideal for suitcases, travel bags or even clothing.

2. Reliable and tested solution. Since the first tested designs more than half a century ago, slight amendments have been implemented. In the mechanic design of the dispenser, it has been learnt to appreciate the value of simplicity. The volumetric quantities offer suitable alternatives for an extensive product catalogue.

From 12 millilitres to 750 millilitres of capacity, thousands of industrial solutions find their path in an optimal presentation. Liquid or solid particles solution with a propeller gas is ready for immediate use. The pressure of a single finger is enough for an identical application in thousands of users throughout the world.

3. Convenience and controlled application. The loss of effectiveness in the application of the product disappears. The convenience previously mentioned reinforces the user control in the dispersion of the product and the quantities utilised in a one-off use.

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If the mode of application has been effective, it can be repeated as often as required. No more considerations are necessary except for the pressing time and the distance from the applied object. This is registered in the user’s experience as an advantage, above all, for velocity and immediate verification of the produced effects.

4. Precise dosing. Quantities applied are easily adjustable. The level with which a spray reaches a surface is easily recorded in the memory of a previous successful situation. In food or cosmetic products, an excessive application is almost impossible as this is appreciated when it is going to happen.

The direct application of the filler, such as painting, specifies the level of accuracy that can be reached in every spray. The latter avoids annoying instructions for use of other systems that require a greater level of user involvement.

5. Safety in the use. After decades of using aerosol fillers, the level of incidences with damages for the product is extremely low. Accidents are yet very uncommon and these are mainly produced by the non-compliance of the basic recommendations for each filler.

 The use of high-precision machines and high-quality materials ensure in each container a use without presenting any risks. Authorized pressures and propellants provide maximum assurances in the implementation and in the environment.

Aerosols in Spain and environmental protection

 In the mass media, aerosols were included years ago in the discussion about the protection of the ozone layer. Since then, a strict legal regulation and quality standards voluntarily applied by manufacturers aim to minimise the environmental impact, which is an issue that has been managed in the most appropriate manner and that has ceased to be a problem.

 The Council Directive 75/324/EEC of the European Union represents the framework where the Spanish laws regarding aerosols are developed. The Royal Decree 1381/2009, 28th of August, where manufacturing and marketing requirements of the aerosol dispensers are established (BOE 23.09.09), represents the basic regulatory standard. Some of the articles have been updated in 2014 and 2017. 

The main result of these advantages is that aerosol filling has become a highly valued technique in the companies.

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In the Royal Decree, it is important to highlight the definitions of the usual terms of the industry. This point is very important in order to avoid misunderstandings between manufacturers and entities responsible for the standards compliance. These are the ones that should be considered for the specifications of the design and the projects in order to overcome the legal filter. It is worth noting the minimum and maximum limits allowed in this type of containers as well as the scope of application.

ISO 90-3:2000 is a quality standard in this aerosol industry in Spain.

Aerosols technical specifications

According to the legal regulations previously mentioned, an aerosol is defined as a system composed of a container and a propellant gas compressed where an industrial product is added. The latter can be liquid or solid that can be mixed in different stages with the above-mentioned gas.

 The system also includes a dispenser device, which has the function of regulating the output of the included mix in the container as a foam, paste or powder or in a liquid state. The possibilities of obstruction with the load are studied and actions are implemented in order to avoid these from the key components of the design. From the final product, thousands of tests are performed to entirely ensure the complete suitability.

 For the purpose of the design description, there are key components that should not be missed in a design: dispenser, valve, propellant gas, contents and release tube. From the features and measurements of these components there are different types of containers that the industry puts at the manufacturer’s disposal.

 Dispensers are subjected to different tests during the filling that ensure the leak of failures that may cause a leakage. The shape usually cylindrical of the dispenser has an arched bottom in the inside in order to activate an effective output of the load. aerosol filling xiomara 2

The valve is a standard of the industry that works with gases. The function is just to close and open the distribution of the inner pressure. The propellant gas is according to the required pressure and the features of the filled product. Regarding medicines, the use of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) is maintained as it is not easy to substitute. 

The release tube and the content end up by setting up the ensemble that is marketed for this type of fillers. Basically, the design has remained unchanged over the years. Nevertheless, the small features in the design and the inclusion of new materials may add interesting and new functions.

 The implementations are widely diverse. Thousands of home products with many utilities: hairsprays and multipurpose adhesives for the art and design industry. A very interesting field is perfumery and cosmetics. Particular attention is given to the design of this type of dispensers and our work is normally in the lower limits of these capacities.

 Less varied, but with an increased application, we may find medicines, safety products (self-defence sprays) and some specialities of the food industry. In these industries, the dosing control properties have a very considerable quality.

 The materials used to manufacture the containers can be recycled and can be used at 25% in new packages after their use. This reduces the impact caused by wastes, economises the production and requires fewer commodities.

Advantages of aerosols noted by the market 

1. High capacity for the development of new products. The adaptability with the components that can spray an aerosol makes it ideal to test innovations and items on trial. It is a support where the possible customers have a positive assessment.

 2. Adaptable to marketing and design. For exclusive products, aerosols are a very flexible filling system that admit unique designs to promote the brand. It is a distribution model that maintains a current, stylish and practical picture.

 3. Economy. In contrast with other filling systems, these are one of the most economical systems, especially if the product preservation, integrity and application advantages are considered. With the aim of offering these same features in other packages, a greater outlay should be performed in design, tests and production.

 4. Safety. It represents a mature technology where there are no shadows. The use of propellants with a low environmental impact and the implementation of a detailed legal regulation ensure a leading role in the future. The inclusion of new materials and designs are the main innovative lines. But foremost, the same closer features are maintained for the interests of the prospective customer. Safety in this domain is a priority and a matter of urgency.

 5. Sustainability. The possibility of recycling packages and the reduced presence of plastic components stand out from other alternatives that cause a greater impact in the long term. Social customs in favour of recycling reduce the current impact, which is already low. All solutions compete to succeed in this feature, which is regarded as socially valued. In this point, aerosols have advantages that may increase in the immediate future.

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Studies performed before launching a new product should match with a great ensemble of interests: regulations for environmental protection, guarantees for consumers, licences, registers and patents and an unlimited number of tests aimed to test the final suitability. 

The experience in this product development is essential to prevent blockage in a minor issue. The investments undertaken for innovation should not be tarnished by the circumstances appeared in the final development of the product.

Packing is an industrial operation that will be automatized once the previous tests have determined the feasibility. In this point, the production technologies in the plant are implemented. The batch control and the regular tests about production will determine numerically the percentage of incidences or the parameters that should be adjusted.

 No factor that interferes in the production is left without detailed investigation: bulk weight, propellant weight, total load, maximum and minimum pressures, tube heights and diameters. The final customer has the total safety that the purchased products satisfy the maximum standards of the industry in the functional features of the purchase.

The support of a leading company in the industry

 The experience in the filling industry represents one of the distinguishing marks of Envasado Xiomara. Both own products and the work performed for third-party business allow us to offer solutions adapted to your projects. We are members of the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA, as the Spanish acronym) and we cover diverse areas of production. If you are interested in finding more information about aerosol filling, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to clarify your doubts and to respond to the demanded information or estimate request.

The main result of these advantages is that aerosol filling has become a highly valued technique in the companies.

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