What makes Xiomara the best for your children’s party?

Why are the Xiomara aerosols less harmful for the environment Aerosol Company
Why are the Xiomara aerosols less harmful for the environment?
March 29, 2017
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April 6, 2017
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What makes Xiomara the best for your children’s party?

reasons to trust Xiomara as your aerosol filling company

When it comes to organizing a children’s party for our kids, we can’t trust in just any aerosol filling company.  There are many risks involved when our little ones handle glitter sprays, silly string, coloured sprays, smelly sprays, etc., so it is vital to choose a company you can trust to guarantee total safety.  

In our party and novelty sprays, our company uses only the highest quality, safest cosmetic ingredients which result in reliable and safe consumer products, something that other companies and importers cannot guarantee. We comply with the European Union standards on aerosol filling, which gives a quality seal of approval to our products. This means higher manufacturing costs which we do not skimp on for the good of our clients. Additionally, our R&D department puts the company at the forefront of technology, safety, and environmental developments in the spray market.  Below we will give you 6 reasons to trust in Xiomara when organizing your children’s party:

6 reasons to trust Xiomara as your aerosol filling company.

The safest aerosols

Our strict control system in the making of our products ensures that our sprays are completely safe for use. This system ensures the correct closing and handling of the sprays. For this reason, our aerosol packaging company anticipates the safety necessary in every stage of packaging, from the way it incorporates this energy to the post-consumption treatment. We fulfil with the bath test required to test the safety of our aerosols.

We care for the environment

Thanks to the provision of yearly courses in prevention, workplace safety, and Lean Manufacturing for our employees, our sprays respect the environment and don’t harm the natural habitat. Additionally we follow a control plan for solid and liquid by-products carried out and regulated by a company that specifically carries out such tasks. We follow protocols for the reduction of our carbon footprint in our processes. We have the certification of environmental quality ISO 14001 (Bureau Veritas).

Easy to use

Our aerosols are very comfortable and easy to use; they are safe and not difficult to handle.

They are long lastingaerosol filling company party

Our sprays have airtight seal, total inviolability, content hygiene, safety of use, and preservation of original properties. They can have a shelf life of 3 years.

Quality and efficacy

The most important and necessary feature of aerosols is application accuracy and dosage control in terms of emission rate, spray pattern, and spray rate.  This way, we avoid wasting product, providing an optimum application and maximizing reliability.  At our aerosol company, we adjust to your needs and we are flexible to address your demands. We know what you need.

The best prices

We have competitive prices, and they are perfectly compatible with the quality of our products. At Xiomara Packaging, we work day to day to adjust our costs as much as possible to be more competitive in pricing.  We are known in the market for our excellent quality-price relationship.

For the safety of your children, count on the best aerosol packaging company.

Your children’s birthday party is coming up soon and you are already killing yourself with the preparations.  Cross something off your to-do list and count on us to make sure your child has more fun than ever! In addition to products for parties, we cover a wide variety of sectors in the market, manufacturing household, automobile and cosmetic products, among others.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us, we will be there for you with a friendly and trustworthy service. Call us for more information!

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