Food aerosols: increasing trend in bakery and decoration
protectores solares
Hair spray painting: colour change without consequences
January 28, 2019
protectores solares
Hair spray painting: colour change without consequences
January 28, 2019

Food aerosols: increasing trend in bakery and decoration

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Technology has contributed in recent years to significant developments in food aerosol filling, which has definitively become a trend in the bakery and decoration world.

However, the use of food aerosols means more, as it expands in the creation of products which are environmentally friendly and which take into consideration health care.

The myth that aerosols have a harmful environmental impact is part of the past. For this reason, these products are present nowadays in our personal and familiar items.

In this article, we will discover the food aerosol world, which is widely use in the bakery and cuisine world.

Further on, we will strive to demystify the use of these helpful products and we will learn more about their use with the aim of providing a more efficient food consumption in a worldwide scale.

Food aerosol filling… the food of the future?

the advantages of aerosol filling in olive oil - XiomaraAlthough the process has not been easy nor fast, the use of aerosols in a worldwide scale has been growing increasingly.

The demand of products in this format boosts every day, as it is not only used in insect or paint sprays, but people use other products on a regular basis.

For instance, deodorants, hairsprays, colour hairsprays and more recently whipped creams, cooking oils, cheese, butter and many other food products.

According to a research performed by the consultancy firm P&S Market Research, between 2015 and 2018, the growing demand of these food products has been considerable.

In fact, these products have become a new market with many opportunities and challenges: the first and most important one is to convince consumers that food aerosol filling is an inoffensive process that will become the food of the future.

Continue developing

It is proven that many new generations have a more developed environmental awareness, as well as they seek health care and the preservation of our planet.

It is exactly here where food aerosols appear, since it has already been proven that these are friendlier with the environment.

Furthermore, the modern human pace of life is more accelerated and connected to technology. Therefore, having food products in aerosol saves time, money and efforts.

It can suppose a huge advantage when accelerating the breakfast, lunch or dinner preparation, for instance.

Food aerosol filling took the first steps with oils and whipped cream, but this product has suffered a wide diversification that we can now see major brands including this system, especially in North America and Europe, where there are more hot cakes doughs, churros, tempura, chocolate, cheese and even saffron.

Major brands in aerosol filling predict a promising future to this technology. They imagine instant cookies and even muffins with the new developed technologies.

For now, we only have coffee, mousse, flavours and bakery creams.

7 advantages about food aerosols

Gone are the days where aerosols could damage the ozone layer. It can be seen in the manufacturing process that some eco-friendly items have been included and it can constitute major advances considering other presentations.


Food products in aerosols are safe, due to the fact that a perfect sealing is completely guaranteed, therefore, it avoids any risk of pollution.


When using these products, cleaning and hygiene in your kitchen or workspace is guaranteed.


The majority of food products in aerosol have very competitive prices, which many are under the price of similar items in the market.

Zero waste

The presentation in aerosol serves to reduce food waste at home, which has become a serious issue in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom.


Aerosol filling, including a perfect sealing, guarantees the freshness of your product during months without losing properties.


The filling process is extremely careful. Thus, there is no possibility of mixing additives or chemical components with the food product. In fact, food products are separated from the propellant or propeller.


Products, such as edible oil in aerosol, protect your health as it helps preventing fat saturation.

Let’s innovate with aerosols in the bakery world

The art of baking is one of the most benefited groups in the aerosol industry, as it eases long and complex chemical process.

In the market, it can be found an extensive range of options, both for master bakers and culinary apprentices.

Bring your desserts to life with food colouring

Food colourings are used in the food industry to enhance the attractiveness of preparations, but many of these additives are harmful to our health, and even some of those are forbidden in certain countries.

The aerosol filling industry, based on the health commitment, has achieved the development of food colourings that are not harmful, as the manufacturing is based on ethanol. Furthermore, these products are odourless, tasteless and sugar free.

Widely used in the bakery world, the usage has been extended nowadays to any foodstuff. Likewise, the range of colours has greatly expanded.

Whipped and Chantilly cream, classics and delicious!  

These were the first edible products in aerosol that were created. These two creams are often used in decoration and cake filling, among other desserts. That’s why these products imply a complex preparation process which involves time, temperature and ingredients, which may not be available.

By using the aerosol presentation, we skip the latter items and decoration is eased, as manufacturers have included different nozzles with shapes that will provide our delicious recipes a professional look. Besides, we will reach the spots that the piping bag or the pastry spatula cannot.

Churros dough easy and fast

This is one of the most recent innovations in food aerosol filling and it is a culinary delight. The churros dough should be spilled directly from the container, which has a specific designed nozzle, to the hot oil.

It is a good option for churro lovers that do not have time or are discouraged to prepare them and are willing to solve a sweet snack in a few minutes only by seeking in the supermarket.

Food aerosol filling: Edible gold and silver, really?

What is the process of aerosol filling - XiomaraIt is one of the last trends that is making the difference in the culinary decoration, not only in bakery, but in salty food, which some have criticised and others have praised this.

The use of edible gold or silver in aerosol is a creation of the German company The Deli Garage. These products enable to glaze all type of foodstuff, garnish and decorate table centres, among other utilities.


Release agent aerosol for perfect pies

Release agent aerosols for food purpose are used to grease moulds where pies are baked, instead of applying the traditional process which requires to spread oil, margarine or butter in the mould.

Compared to the advantages that the traditional technique offer, it is noticeable that the mould is greased uniformly, easily and quickly.

There is no need to get our hands dirty nor use a brush that will need to be cleaned later on. This oil is excellent for moulds with different shapes or engravings and the result is a perfect sponge cake.

Salt and oil in aerosol, avoiding damages to our organism

As mentioned above, one of the most popular products in aerosol filling is kitchen oil.

By using this product, fat saturation in the organism can be prevented. Only by replacing the use of liquid oil with oil in aerosol, a person may remove from their diet 5 kilogrammes per year.

This is beneficial both for the organism and the environment, as the indiscriminate use of resources is prevented.

In this sense, a tablespoon of oil contains 45 kilocalories; while a 2-second-application of aerosol only contains 14.4, which means, 60% less in terms of caloric content.

New avenues in nutrition and dietetics consider oil in aerosol as the perfect seasoning to maintain a reduced-calorie diet and a healthy nutrition.

Regarding salt, it is well-known that this is one of the most used components in our meals, but it is also one of the most damaging and the main cause of cardiovascular issues in the mid and long term.

The major problem is due to an excessive consumption, which leads to many cerebrovascular accidents and different sufferings that may be life-threatening.

Thinking about it, aerosol filling companies designed salt in spray, which provides a great taste and it supposes a health aid.

Salt in aerosol comes with the recommendations from the World Health Organization, which advises to consume between 4 and 6 grammes of this mineral per day. By doing so, the consumption is reduced by 20%.

The benefits are numerous: it contributes to disinfect the organism, it reduces blood pressure and it decreases the risk of suffering osteoporosis, kidney stones or kidney failure. We may even suffer less headaches.

Edible aerosols: an alternative against food waste

food aerosolsThe food industry is becoming increasingly awareness of the damage generated in the environment produced by certain of these process and the need of using resources efficiently. For this reason, it has been stress the fact of reducing food waste.

The figures are very worrying. For instance, a third of the food produced every year (1,300 tonnes approximately) are wasted, which represents a loss of 990 billion dollars in a worldwide scale.

The United Kingdom is the only country where 11.9 million tonnes of food are wasted every year; while 815 million people in developing countries go to sleep without eating every day.

In this situation, the new interest in edible aerosol manufacturing arises, aiming to reduce food waste at home.

Salt, oil and other foodstuff in this type of presentation do not generate waste.

Yet the advantages of aerosols for the preservation of the planet do not end here. A US company has recently created an aerosol that protects harvests and crops, aiding to reduce their deterioration.

In other words, fruits and vegetables are preserved for longer periods.

The most important factor is that it is 100% natural, due to the fact that the liquid is obtained from seeds and peels from these vegetables and they take the shape of a natural cover that slows the oxidation process down.

It is definitively good news for environment.

The aim of the latter and other innovations, which are still under development, is to reduce food waste and protect other harvests. Therefore, lifespan is longer-lasting.

Good news: the ozone layer is recovering

Thanks to the actions taken in time to stop the depletion and the disappearance of the ozone layer, deterioration has been slow down.

After years in limbo, it is now known that the layer that protects the Earth and population from sun rays, which are harmful, has started to recover from the damages generated by CFCs, a destructive component used for decades as propellant in aerosol fillers.

In fact, scientist estimate that if no further action had been taken, the situation would have been really bad, as in 2065, the ozone layer would have lost two thirds of mass, according to the last report from the UN.

Forecasts are now more positive: it is foresee that in 2030, the hole in the ozone layer over the North hemisphere will be totally repaired; while the damage caused in the Antarctic will be amended in 2060, if we keep raising awareness, changing habits and applying environmentally friendly strategies with the planet.

Aerosoles Xiomara takes your product to the next level

With a responsible, ecological and innovating vision, Aerosol Xiomara has been offering for more than forty years to their customers the most efficient services in aerosol filling.

Aerosoles Xiomara offers filling services to brands and companies willing to take their products to the next level, by transforming them in aerosol, guaranteeing the fulfilment of strict international safety and industrial hygiene standards and a quality, competitive and a leading-edge product.  


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