How to fill the aerosols of party products?

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How to fill the aerosols of party products?

how the aerosol filling of party products is

It is not the first time that you use aerosols to create and cheer up a party. When we talk about these products we are mentioning, for instance, the typical snowflake, streamers, temporary hair colors, snow spray for decoration, joke products, spray paint for decoration, glitter for decoration, etc. It is highly likely that many times you have dressed up in carnival and you have painted you hair of bright colors with a spray or you have used snow in foam to decorate the Christmas Bethlehem or tree. All these sprays are party aerosols and, at Xiomara, as your aerosol filler leading company in this area, we are going to explain how the process of aerosol filling works.

Items needed for aerosol filling

What is the process of aerosol filling - XiomaraFor the preparation, aerosols are composed of the following items:

A filler that has a cylindrical shape and it is not reusable. These products are generally made of materials, such as aluminum, tin or plastic. All of them, before been used, must comply with the security standards in order to avoid leaks and, consequently, explosions. For the purpose of containing the pressure of all gasses that compose the product in an effective way, the bottom of the container is turned inward.

The valve, which lets or does not let out the content of the container.

– Propellant gas

The content with the substance that sprays in liquid, dust, solid or foams and is found in the inner part of the container.

Lastly, the outlet tube that covers the whole container and conducts the content through the exterior.

After reviewing all the items needed to create an aerosol and to take them into account, the next step is to fill the aerosol with an effective and expert company.

The aerosol filling begins with an empty container. Then all components of the product are introduced without the propellant gas. Once these ingredients are added, the valve is placed and adjusted in the relevant space, with a secure seal that avoids leaks. Consecutively, the propellant gas is injected through the valve in order to pressurize the aerosol. In this step, the weight of the container and the aerosol as a general product is checked for the first time.

Items about aerosol filling - aerosol filler companyOnce this is done, the next step of the process starts, which begins with a test bath up to 50ºC. In this way, internal pressure is intended to be increased in the container in order to test the leaks and resistance capacity of the container. Consequently, containers with leakage issues will be removed from the process and will not be commercialized. After this bathing, the aerosol is dried, and the push button and cap are placed.

Finally, the label with batch code and date is placed and is packaged. Once it is packaged, the product is ready to be issued and then commercialized.

The proceeding of aerosol filling, as we have mentioned, has to overcome the relevant technical tests to avoid any kind of problem. Thus, all party aerosol products that we have used or that we see have the same packaging process.

Xiomara is your party aerosol filling company

At our aerosol filler company Xiomara, we have the best experts and technology to obtain the safest products. Furthermore, we are aware about the environment and, thus, we carry out a strict quality and residue control.

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