Aerosol filling, the best option for pasteurized eggs

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March 27, 2018
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Aerosol filling, the best option for pasteurized eggs

aerosol filling pasteurized eggs

Are you familiar with the benefits of aerosol filling? We encourage you to discover a new way of filling pasteurized eggs thanks to the aerosols in Spain.

Food Aerosols Spain, business partner of Xiomara, is a specialist company in food spray filling. This new method, although not highly implemented in society, is gaining momentum. Do not get surprised when you go to the supermarket to do your shopping and find your favourite products, such as pasteurized eggs, filled in aerosols. This is mainly used to brown the pastry in a comfortable and hygienic manner.

Aerosol filling in pasteurized eggs

Why should you choose our aerosols in Spain to pack pasteurized eggs? The following are some of the reasons why you should not even think twice:

  • Our aerosols are the future. Leave the old filling methods behind: aerosols in Spain are the future and pasteurized eggs should also join this trend. No more uncomfortable fillers or changing tastes.aerosol filling pasteurized eggs xiomara
  • The pasteurized egg in aerosol fillers will be perfectly preserved. Your product will not suffer any modification nor will it be treated in such way that the taste is modified. Our company keeps a strict quality control in the manufacturing of our products.
  • Aerosols in Spain are known for how easy they are to use. Products are not shaped in a flamboyant design which makes it impossible to know how to use it. Simplicity stands above all and all users will use them perfectly.
  • Thanks to the spray, you can spread the exact amount of pasteurized egg needed. Quantity may be saved and we will not waste a single drop.
  • The modern and innovative design will be adapted to their characteristics.

Aerosols in Spain have been well received by society and consumers of the pasteurized egg will notice the difference thanks to the choice of this new method of filling. Besides, for aerosol filling, Food Aerosols Spain and Xiomara are aware of the current situation of the environment. As we know that our consumers are also aware of this situation, we follow a management plan of solid and liquid wastes managed by a specialized and regulated company dedicated to this task.

aerosol filling pasteurized eggs xiomara 3The food industry is highly valued and it is important to attempt to improve in the areas that enhance the market and bring new consumers. Aerosol filling may be what your pasteurized egg manufacturing company needs. Other products that have already joined this trend in aerosols in Spain are: vinegar, olive oil, non-stick agent release, butter cooking spray or canola.

Choose Xiomara for aerosol filling

Food Aerosols Spain is a reliable food aerosol filling company. Your company may need our services. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can solve any of your doubts in a non-binding way. Make you aerosol filling become the best partner of the pasteurized egg!

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