Aerosol filling for top quality cosmetic products
aerosol filling products
15 products that can only be used with aerosol filling
September 27, 2018
aerosoles en España
Why aerosols in Spain are harmless for the ozone layer?
November 8, 2018
aerosol filling products
15 products that can only be used with aerosol filling
September 27, 2018
aerosoles en España
Why aerosols in Spain are harmless for the ozone layer?
November 8, 2018

Aerosol filling for top quality cosmetic products

envasado aerosoles cosmética

Aerosols in Spain are very present in cosmetics, among other products, due to their potential compressed design in the filler and the excellent comfort of commercialisation. Definitely, aerosol filling is one of the methods that guarantees the quality and functionality of a product, as described below. Furthermore, in renowned companies and professionals, there are R&D departments that are focused on safety and development of innovative technology studies available in the industry and naturally in the environment.


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The aim of using aerosols is not polluting the environment of wastes. For this reason, specialised companies, which are involved in the environment preservation, provide with regulated companies committed to waste collection of both liquids and solids. Besides, the latter are also in charge of disposing of these wastes without damaging the environment. A bad reputation is given to these aerosols that seem to pollute and this is certainly not true. All reliable business dedicated to this industry are committed to treat this department seriously and investing money aiming to leave no waste trace in the environment. 

There are many products that have an advantage filled in aerosol, such as car products, for instance, cockpit shines, tyre foams or de-icer, among other products.

In parties, aerosols are very useful for streamers, party foam or temporary hair colour. At home, many furniture cleaners are prepared in this type of filler: insecticides, shoe polish, gas lighter and a long list of cleaning products.

As you may see, there are many sectors in which these products are used. Aerosols are just solid or liquid particles in the air and precisely, the naming “aerosol” refers both to the particles and the air that contains.

In this instance, cosmetics will be our main focus, willing to analyse different products and developments that have achieved an advantage thanks to quality conservation in these aerosols in Spain.

Cosmetic products that are more functional thanks to aerosol filling

It is possible that you have never stopped to think that there are some products that if they were not in an aerosol, they could not be used, such as, hairsprays. If it was not by spraying, this product could not be extended and the original intended effect could not be achieved. Same happens with hair mousses, for instance.

The use of this type of products means the necessary amount is applied, without wasting more, and, consequently, it is widely extended in cosmetic products, such as deodorants or perfumes.


Sunscreens are manufactured to apply some filters in the skin and to prevent the penetration of solar rays in a hazardous manner. By using this product in aerosol filling, it is ensure that the products’ quality is going to stay unchangeable, although the temperature that has been subjected to, normally by sunlight exposure, will be influenced. Innovation in this field resulted in the creation of mousses, which many consumers choose this product even though it is slightly more expensive than other methods in cream or liquids. The container is highly lightweight and easy to carry anywhere and, additionally, the application is easy, direct and fast. This product is ideal to apply to small children that are constantly moving inside or outside the water.


Moisturizers in aerosol are one of the most innovative inventions in recent years. This product may be slightly more expensive than other items of direct application in cream but the velocity in the application and the instant absorption produce that we are not lazy to rub cream every day and to moisturise the skin.


aerosol filler company insecticideDeodorants have also great advantages if these are sealed in this type of containers, because the weight is not heavy and the application in the skin is sprinkled in the area. As a result, the product reach the impact in a larger area and with a high speed. In just a few seconds, the product is applied, therefore, you can stay calm because you will be protected all day.

Similarly, deodorants for feet are especially successful in summer for the protection of our feet from unnecessary sweating and the unpleasant smell that produces. The most absolute comfort for this type of product is in aerosol filling. By applying some sprays, protection will be given to your feet for many consecutive hours.

Thermal water

Thermal water is a refreshing product to apply in the face or in other body parts and, by doing so, maintain an optimum suited temperature without feeling the summer stifling heat, particularly in some regions of the country. If these products are carried in a bag in small containers, which are commercialised, you only have to press and with some sprays your face will stay shining and totally refreshing.

Shaving foam or gel

In the male market, shaving foam or gel are disposed in aerosol. It is practical, handy and fast. When applied, the skin feels immediately this expansive and pleasant mode to leave the skin prepared for shaving.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo in aerosol is perfect for travelling, for instance. The weight is very light and this product does not require to soap the hair nor rinse afterwards. You just have to apply the product, leave it to react some minutes and then the hair is brushed. Thus, the hair will be cleaned with the same outcome than in the traditional method.

As checked in almost all products of the market that can be offered in aerosol, these have very positive features and, although the price may be slightly higher, the outcome will be long-lasting and very fast. Furthermore, when shopping and carrying these items at home, these products are carried in a much more comfortable way as they are one-half the weight compared to other formats.


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Considerations in aerosol filling

In many business dedicated to aerosol manufacturing, such as Envasado Xiomara, our company pays particular attention to aerosol filling by innovating in modern and eye-catching designs for the customer. For this purpose, our professional staff in this industry are specialized in analysing and studying new designs to ensure comfort is the main character and to ensure an easy operation and optimum outcomes.


Usability is the main objective. A container may have a more or less beautiful design, but at the end, what it really matters is the objective of this product. The basis of the quality should be useful and should play the role for which the product was originally manufactured.


Originality is other of the features to consider. Professionals invert much time and efforts aiming to achieve that the container has the appropriate structure and lines for the customer to choose this product and not another one. There is a huge competitiveness in the industry and, considering this factor, many consumers, that were uncertain at first, can be attracted.


Quality plays an important role in the finished product. If consumers test a product and they like it, they will buy this product again and again. Furthermore, the consumer will tell their relatives that this product meets the described specifications and runs smoothly, as a result, the number of users will increase in this specific product. In order to guarantee this quality, many experts are dedicated to innovate in the products’ composition and they are always adding excellent quality raw materials.


Comfort is a main factor when choosing a product. A small, light and adjusted price container will have many benefits to be chosen. The consumer has become very demanding in recent years because there are many companies dedicated to the production of X products of the same industry and, for instance, for travelling or for the swimming pool or the beach, handy containers are needed for both carrying and applying.


Safety is highlighted in this type of compacted products filled because comprehensive quality controls have been applied for these products before their commercialisation and tests have been run to ensure 100% safety.

With regard to all considerations, we will achieve the best products in different industries. Please do not get influenced if the price is slightly higher because, as aforementioned, quality should be paid.

In all containers, some symbols will be noticed where it will be specified the performed quality controls; it will be stated that the product has not been tested in animals for experimentation; once opened, the product has an expiration date engraved in the container in order to inform if it is 12, 30 months or the considered months by the professionals for this product to have the original aim and objective.


If the product does not contain parabens, it will also be specified. This component is often used in the chemical industry due to the bactericide qualities and the reduced cost. Nevertheless, this type of products is being more eradicated each time because, although the latter has not been definitely ensured, the presence of parabens was linked to breast cancer. In case of doubt, the best option is to remove these, as a consequence, it would be convenient to detect this symbol in the container for safety reasons. The symbol usually appears shaped like a leaf with the line “paraben free”, which means it does not contain parabens.


It will be also indicated if these products are inflammable (aerosols may burst if they exceed the temperature of 50 degrees centigrade). A flame symbol will be added, which is the main reason to pay particular attention to the exposure of this product to sunrays. Therefore, there is a control test which is performed with a bath at this temperature for three minutes when filled and sealed.

It is important to avoid the constant exposure to sunrays or other heating sources. Particular attention should be paid to this point as this is one of the most dangerous.

If there were new symbols, a summarised explanation will be added next to the symbol for the customer to read this and know what it means.

If until the present day you have not opted for this type of products, our hope is that you are aware after reading this article that innovation in cosmetics is constantly under development every day and aerosol filling is something that is used now and will be used for a considerable time in the future thanks to the high performances and positive features offered. You only need to maintain your conviction that, although the price is slightly higher, it is precisely because you are purchasing an appropriate product to the applied treatment.

Aerosol companies in Spain are in favour of innovative systems and will launch new products to the market. However, this does not mean that the existing products in the market have to disappear. In many cases, the traditional method is preferred rather than the innovative one, but you should be the one choosing the most suitable product.

Envasado Xiomara is your trusted aerosol filling company

Our company has been many years dedicated to aerosol filling in Spain by the manufacturing and the subsequent commercialisation. Our experience is based on many analysis and different studies contributing always benefits to the cosmetic industry, among others. A great technical team of professionals are in charge of studying different innovative systems crossing compounds to observe if the compound has the proprieties for which it was originally created. Besides, our products have gone through stringent quality controls and comprise all features abovementioned in each product.


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