Hair spray painting: colour change without consequences
envasado de aerosoles
How to handle aerosol products?
November 30, 2018
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Food aerosols: increasing trend in bakery and decoration
February 7, 2019
envasado de aerosoles
How to handle aerosol products?
November 30, 2018
xiomara your aerosol filling company
Food aerosols: increasing trend in bakery and decoration
February 7, 2019

Hair spray painting: colour change without consequences

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Beauty industry, as well as medicine, gastronomy, mechanics and many others, have been considerably boosted by aerosol filling. Many products designed for aesthetics are created every day. One of the most recent products is hair dyes in aerosol.

There are many beauty products that have been opted for aerosol filling aiming to improve presentation, functionality or even marketing, until the fact that it is almost a general rule that hairsprays or hair mousses are only presented in aerosol form.

However, until recent years, dyes were only found in cream form, which is now changing to aerosols due to many reasons that will be explained in this article, where we will also reveal some curiosities about dyes in aerosol and we will show you how to use them in a safe form, without setting aside beauty tips.


Aerosol filling and cosmetics industry


aerosol filling sun protection xiomaraIf there are two industries which are increasing, these are aerosol filling and beauty and cosmetic industries. Many people purchase and demand every day new products to make their lives easier.

It is precisely because of this reason that aerosol filling has experienced an upturn, as one of the most practical, comfortable, instant effect and elegant presentations.

Strict environmental standards have also contributed in these results. At this moment, users know that aerosol products are totally safe, efficient for their life style and without harming the environment.

Considering figures, in Europe 80% of aerosols are assigned to cosmetics and personal care, while in Latin America 1,187 million units of aerosols are produced per year, only for cosmetic industry. It is worth stressing that the companies, which are decided to choose aerosol filling for their products, are immersed in a constant innovation process. Therefore, their designs in containers and propellants are becoming increasingly stylish and attractive.


Feel free to change with hair spray painting: FAQ


Hair spray painting is a type of dye that does not offer permanent outcomes. Most of the types can be removed the day after.

This temporary dye, created thanks to aerosol filling, is a fun way to change your hair colour for an event or for a feast day or just to experiment without having to commit a permanent change.

Willing to clarify your doubts, you may find below some FAQs about hair spray painting.


  • How do hair spray paintings work?


Compared to permanent or semi-permanent dyes, hair spray paintings do not enter the hair shaft. Instead, these remain in the upper part of the hair shaft and they cover it.

Since these products do not contain ammonia, they do not have a strong chemical odour and they are not harmful, as permanent dyes. These products are only designed for temporary use.


  • How many varieties and colours exist?


There are different types of hair spray painting available now in the market. The colour scheme ranges from natural colours to primary and metallic colours.

These many colour options and the fact that are quickly washed make hair spray painting popular in adolescents and young people.


  • How long does this dye spray last in my hair?


Dyes should be applied and processed in line with the product’s instructions. If you follow these, the product will maintain the colour until you wash you hair.

The product may be removed the first time you wash your hair or within the two next washes. In some cases, depending on the manufacturer, this may gradually disappear within a few weeks.


  • Will my hair be damaged with dye sprays?


This is a very reasonable concern when using a new product. Although temporary dyes are designed to be removed in the following days, you may be careful if your hair is extremely dry.

According to, if your hair is dry, temporary colour may enter the external hair follicle, which will make the removal difficult. Make sure you have a healthy hair before using hair spray painting.


  • Does this product produce allergies?


Despite the fact that hair spray painting does not contain harsh chemicals, which are found in semi-permanent or permanent dyes, some components may produce allergic response.

For this reason, before the application, consult the product’s labelling and perform an allergic test. Just apply a small amount in your elbow. Cover it with a bandage and leave it for about 48 hours.

If the area presents redness, burning, itching or any other allergic response to the product, avoid using the product. If your skin remains unchanged, the use is safe.


Why should you choose hair spray painting before other alternatives?


  • Simple and fast: large companies, such as L’Oreal, have designed hair spray paintings for simple and fast application, which provide an instant and intense colour that lasts one day, contrary to traditional dyes.
  • A different style every day: it is not mandatory to apply one colour that lasts for weeks or months. You may now choose your favourite colour and you can go out with a stunning and different look every day, as you prefer.
  • A perfect colour: the different colour scheme available in the dye sprays industry is more extensive than the traditional dyes, which will ensure the perfect colour, regardless how light or dark the base colour is. You will not be disappointed.
  • Free of hazardous chemicals: these dyes are applied directly, without using other chemical elements that may damage your hair or may cause allergies in the scalp or in the respiratory system. These are ultralight micro powders with a spray design, which are stuck to our hair and remain all day until you decide to remove them.  
  • Trial and error: another reason to dye your hair by using aerosols is because you can test it without any risks. If you apply the colour and it results that you do not like it, you simply remove it and try another one, without damaging the hair nor expending too much money in a beauty salon. This is impossible with traditional dyes.


Hair dye step by step using spraying dyes


Following these simple steps, you may dye your hair and present a stunning look in a few seconds. The best of all:  in a safe and professional way.

  • First step: comb your hair extensively, ensuring there are no tangles and obtaining a uniform coverage.
  • Second step: use hair clips to hold some parts of your hair that you may not want to colour, or even to colour more uniformly these parts in layers.
  • Third step: apply the product from a distance of 10 to 20 centimetres from the hair. This action can be easily done in the bathroom. Otherwise, you should be careful with walls and furniture.
  • Fourth step: dosage. If you are willing to obtain an intense appearance, you may spray the dye more time. If you only desire a slight colour, you may spray less time. This technique works really well with light blonde and platinum hair.   
  • Fifth step: make sure there are no spots in the skin and also that the colour obtained is the desired one. Tidy your hair and you are ready to go out.
  • Sixth step: when removing dyes, you may simply wash your hair and you will obtain your original hair colour.

Attention: although the process is simple, it is important that you consider the safety measures.

  1. Always apply the product in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Make sure your clothes are covered before spraying. Despite these aerosols are easily removed, prevention is better than damaging your favourite outfit.
  3. Pay particular attention to eyes and mouth. You will not want to eat the product.


Beauty tip: hide white hair with dye sprays


It was already mentioned that adolescents and young people are the main target of these hair spray painting, but the use is not exclusive. In fact, modern adults, seniors and anyone willing to hide white hair (which do not only appear in elderly people) may also use this product.

These aerosols present many advantages and the application is exactly the same as in the other dye sprays. The only difference is that you should focus the application on the specific areas where white hair appears.

Furthermore, you should be careful when choosing the proper colour scheme, based on your hair colour, so it is not noticeable. Once applied, you will feel how the colour is distributed uniformly, providing a natural appearance.

For the best outcomes, use a comb to separate the hair creating lines, apply the product and distribute this with a comb in order to remove the excess. Do not worry if by mistake your front or ears are spotted. You just simply use a cotton moistened with soap and clean it up.


Aerosol filling forecast


fake blood aerosol filling xiomara 2The forecast for the aerosol and personal care industry has an increasing trend. Naturally, this is extent to aerosol filling in beauty and personal hygiene products.

The consulting firm Grand View Research, in their trend analysis from 2014 to 2015, noted the growing awareness of consumers regarding health safety, higher living standards and available incomes in emerging economies.

Considering this, it is estimated that the market will keep rising from 9,440 million euros handled in 2015. A large proportion of this boost would correspond to organic ingredients that will lead to grow in product segments dedicated to oral, hair and skin care.

Meanwhile, the consulting firm expects the aerosol industry to reach 115,230 million euros in 2025, detecting high profits in home, food, beverages and motor industry.

Furthermore, it is expected that the increasing demand of aerosol products in the healthcare industry, especially inhalers, boosts growth. The forecast for 2025 is substantial, due to fact that in 2015 the global aerosol market size was 63,909 million euros.


Four basic questions to develop an aerosol product


If we have already decided aerosol filling for our product, or if we are seriously thinking about it, we should raise the following strategic questions.


  • Which are the key performance attributes of the product?


Attributes make the difference between my product and another one, including key ingredients, size, colour, type of package and other relevant characteristics.


  • How the product will be used?


Formulation, package size and components that active and spray a product depend on the functional application. Additional characteristics may be considered, such as hinged lid for single-handedly, different nozzles, etc.

Does the product need to cope with heat or moisture? Will the product be sprayed uniformly backwards? Do I need mousse or spray? All these features influence our choice.


  • Where will my product be available?


We should take into consideration that different chemical products are allowed in certain countries. A product which will be commercialized beyond our national boarders should be developed to fulfil the standards and regulations of the different regions. Many times it is preferable to design a formula which is globally compatible.


  • Who is the final recipient of this product?


Consumer’s preferences should intervene in all development, design and packaging stages. For instance, a target customer requirement to use organic or non-toxic ingredients will guide in the product’s formula, as well as in the container’s design and labelling to express the desirable attributes.


Have you already make up your mind? Aerosol Xiomara is for you


Now that you have determined aerosol filling for your product, you only have to choose the best company with the skilled and the broadest experience professionals. Aerosol Xiomara is undoubtedly your option. With more than forty years in the industry and customers in thirty countries, Aerosol Xiomara provides aerosol filling with the highest quality levels, in addition to a responsible, ecological and innovating approach.


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