Founded in 1978, Envasado Xiomara is a leading company in the aerosol manufacturing sector with more than 40 years’ experience and fully committed to continuous improvement and to the environment. We are part of the Romar Global Care group, and we specialise in party products, household and personal care products in aerosol format.


Misión Envasados Xiomara

We strive daily to bring our customers the best products at the lowest cost possible—our main goal is to offer our clients the best value for money.


Visión envasados Xiomara

Thanks to our determination to make the best products and establish an extensive national and international network. Our goal is to be global leaders in the aerosol-filling market.

We offer an extensive catalogue of party products and household and personal care products for the most demanding clients spread across Spain and the more than 21 countries we export to. Our references are distributed in different product categories, including well-known brands, such as La Fiesta and Aire Fresco, and contract filling.

Our essence



People are the essence, the driving force and the raison d’être of our company. We have highly qualified teams and professional experts specialising in different management areas and product categories.

Desarrollo de envasados de aerosol


The R&D department positions the company at the forefront of new developments, both in its own brand and the distributor’s brand, combining efficiency and resource optimisation.



We maintain strict controls in the manufacturing of our products and follow procedures to control solid and liquid waste. Our competitive prices are compatible with high quality. We work in accordance with International Standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. And we work in line with the procedures set out by C-TPAT and FDA.

Calidad en los productos envasados por Xiomara


As a member of AEDA (Spanish Aerosol Association), Envasado Xiomara ensures the efficient filling of aerosols, paying greater attention to the environment, innovation and continuous improvement.