For which food products should you choose aerosol filling?
fake blood aerosol filling
How fake blood is filled so that it seems real
June 21, 2018
Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it
August 14, 2018
fake blood aerosol filling
How fake blood is filled so that it seems real
June 21, 2018
Aerosol filling: 5 facts to know if your product needs it
August 14, 2018

For which food products should you choose aerosol filling?

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The use of aerosols in products of our daily life is becoming more popular and more common, due to the convenience offered. Among which, products from the food industry stand out because it makes everybody’s life easier due to hygiene and to the great ability of preservation. But which products are we referring to? Do you know all of them? Oil and vinegar are some of the products that will most likely come to our minds, but undoubtedly, there is a greater variety. At Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, we give you all the details.

Aerosol filling: how it works

In case you are a company that needs to fill your product in aerosol, it is necessary that you know the workflow to follow.

First of all, it is essential to remark that an aerosol is a container that stores liquid. The main characteristic of this filler is the addition of an instrument on the upper part. This instrument is performed manually and enables the release of vaporized liquid.

The use of aerosols is easy. It simply requires to maintain pressed the button so that the product is sprayed. This instrument that enables to spray the liquid is a nozzle that enables to save and dose the product (the functionality will allow you to adjust the amount more precisely).

Aerosol filling belongs to an industry that for many years has been growing slowly. At the beginning, it has beenaerosol filling xiomara 3 proved difficult to convince both companies and brands as well as consumers. Thanks to the aid of Envasado Xiomara, the presentation of the final product has been changed. The aim is to convince the consumer both from the outside and the inside. This aim is achieved with an aerosol because it includes sophisticated designs adapted to the unique personality of the product. It is important to remember that in our company the complete product can be manufactured or we can receive the raw materials that will be used for the aerosol filling.

Main reasons why you should choose aerosol filling

  1. This product can be applied easily. The utilization does not require any effort to consumers.
  2. It is not necessary to open the aerosol during the use. In this way, we will avoid hazards of spills or inappropriate storage. This will also avoid leaving the product incorrectly closed or toppled because, thanks to aerosol filling, this type of situations can be avoided because it is hermetically sealed.
  3. Thanks to the diffuser, it is easy to apply the necessary product. You will not spray more than needed, therefore, the product will not be wasted. Regarding a product not filled in aerosols, it might be more complicated to get the exact amount right.
  4. Aerosols allow to expand the product uniformly. It aids to dose and save the use of quantities.
  5. Aerosol fillers help the environment. Xiomara is concerned about not damaging the environment.
  6. Aerosols do not contain propellants or chemical additives. There are filling methods that use chemical additives to achieve the functioning of aerosols, but these are not recommended. This is not the case with Xiomara.
  7. It is an innovative way to fill products. Aerosols have a very innovative design. Nowadays, these are very fashionable because if something stands out in aerosol filling is the innovation against more traditional methods.
  8. It is stressed the value for money. At Xiomara we offer competitive prices linked to the high quality of our products.

The main result of these advantages is that aerosol filling has become a highly valued technique in the companies.

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Aerosol fillers for food products

aerosol filling xiomara 2Among the products which Xiomara is working with, food products stand out. Food Aerosols Spain, company group of Xiomara for the filling of food products, is a benchmark and stands up for aerosol filling as an intelligent method to store food products.

Nowadays, the aim is to diversify the type of foodstuffs that are filled. Thus, the market relevance will be expanded.

Food Aerosols Spain of Xiomara is currently working with the following food products:


  • Olive oil.
  • Vinegar.
  • Egg Wash Substitute.
  • Non-Stick Agent Release.
  • Butter Cooking Spray.
  • Gelatine glaze.

All these food products share the idea that are durable products and normally are filled in plastic. With aerosol filling, these products modify and renew aesthetics setting a new trend.

In this way, they can reach a new public: for those who were not convinced with the previous filler or did not find easy and convenient.

In all these food products manufactured by Xiomara (olive oil, vinegar, egg wash substitute, etc.), the effectiveness of aerosol filling has been verified because it does not modified the product. This is something that the companies are worried about and are resisted to change. The great research and development contributed to this industry has been a key point in the inclusion of food considered as appropriate product for aerosol filling.

Xiomara complies all the time with the necessary quality controls. The product has never lost flavour, colour or smell, in other words, the container does not affect the product and it does not damage the preservation.

The filler does not interfere in the product’s quality, the aerosol will only provide benefits and better results.

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Aerosol filling: not only for food products

Xiomara has an extensive product catalogue with which are working on a daily basis. In aerosol filling, it is noted a great variety and there is an important diversification of products.

fake blood aerosol filling xiomaraAerosols are the future and an increasing demand of products are seeking to be filled in this way. The positive outcomes of the company have achieve that the market expands. Not only does the company work with food products, but also the company works with the following products, among others:

Air fresheners

Envasado Xiomara is responsible for the aerosol filling of air freshener products. Furthermore, it takes one step further and creates customized aromas for the consumer.

Home products

An increasing demand of cleaning products use aerosol fillers. For instance, Xiomara works with furniture cleaners, carpet and upholstery cleaners, glass cleaners, silver cleaners, oven cleaners, spray mops, household insecticides, etc.


Regarding cosmetics, we may find deodorants, commonly used in aerosol fillers. Also body sprays, moisturizers, sunscreens or After Suns, blotter polishes, shaving foams, dry shampoos…

Technical productsaerosol filling xiomara

Xiomara is responsible for filling products related to motor (cockpit shine, upholstery cleaner, engine cleaner, tyre foam…) or hardware products (multipurpose for professionals, multipurpose with Teflon, anti-corrosion grease, universal lithium grease spray, etc.).

Party products

Birthday, Christmas or Halloween party products are also joined to the aerosols trend for a better preservation.

Aerosol filling and environment

As aerosol filling continues growing, it is essential to pay attention to other matters. Attention should be given to environment. A very common way is through environmental policies for companies.

the advantages of aerosol filling in olive oil - XiomaraXiomara applies an environmental policy plan with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact in their actions. In this plan we may find:

  • Control of the manufacturing of the product.
  • Compliance of the International Standards Standardized.
  • Providing specialized training courses to all employees.
  • Compliance of a management plan of solid and liquid wastes.

It may seem a simple gesture, but these little actions are the ones that obtain the change. All companies should join and provide their environmental aid because we should take care of it.

Envasado Xiomara: AEDA member

Xiomara is member of AEDA, Spanish Aerosol Association. Among the objectives of this association we may find the help to promote aerosol filling; in brief, help, promote and defend the aerosol industry.fake blood aerosol filling xiomara 2

The Spanish Aerosol Association is responsible for establishing high security, manufacturing and storage standards. The aerosol filling companies that decide to become members of the Spanish Aerosol Association are committed to comply with the security, manufacturing and storage standards.

Xiomara, expert in aerosol filling

The consumption of products filled in aerosols is becoming more common but not only in Spain. Many international countries have also experienced an increase in the data concerning aerosols. Find out how Xiomara may help you to achieve the best container for your product. Do not hesitate more and join aerosol filling with us.

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