How fake blood is filled so that it seems real

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June 14, 2018
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How fake blood is filled so that it seems real

fake blood aerosol filling

Aerosol filling is becoming more popular for the most demanding product manufacturers. In fact, the continuous development of this container has created new methods to fill traditional products, since users demand more creativity.

Fake blood in aerosol filling

Concerning cosmetics and party products, such as fake blood, development is also demanded. The characteristic of this liquid is that it has to seem real and the evolution of this liquid has been significant in recent years. But how do we make the liquid filled in aerosols seem real at sight?

Before the filling

The raw materials of these products are the first thing to be determined. Normally, the customer chooses them, but at Xiomara, aerosol manufacturers in Spain, we always recommend the developments that should be implemented and, for this reason, we always recommend the use of cosmetic components for this product. Likewise, the quantity and the type of propellant to include has to be decided. This element causes the liquid to scatter when it makes contact with air.fake blood aerosol filling xiomara 2 

Finally, we should choose the type of container appropriate for our characteristics and our design, which is a key part in aerosol filling. This step is important in the creation of a quality fake blood that attracts prospective customers. Thus, a product that it is similar to real blood and with a container that does not affect these capacities should be created. In our case, our company chooses aluminium containers in order to avoid potential leakages. Subsequent tests are also very important.

During the filling process

Once the formal features of the product have been decided, we proceed to filling the product. Firstly, the liquid of the container without gas is added and then the valve is placed. At this stage, we must ensure that the closure is perfectly sealed (crimp). Finally, once the products are dried, the actuator and the cap are placed. This step should be implemented lastly in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

Subsequently, the propellant gas is injected by the valve at the correct pressure, previously agreed. Once this step is fulfilled, a weight test of the product and a security test are performed, subjecting the containers to a 50°C bath in order to check the products’ safety.

Last stepfake blood aerosol filling xiomara 3

The container must be identified with a batch code and a date; design already includes the screen printing. Product safety is essential, so subsequent performance tests are carried out, implementing then the relevant improvements. Regarding fake blood, leakages are prevented and we occasionally verify that the product qualities are not wasted to create the impression that the product is totally real.

Aerosol filling: the future

Now that you have discovered the secret of fake blood, you may choose this aerosol filling. These proceedings have been improving over the years and nowadays they are flourishing in terms of filling. Choose Xiomara, the best aerosol manufacturer in Spain.

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