How to handle aerosol products?
aerosoles en España
Why aerosols in Spain are harmless for the ozone layer?
November 8, 2018
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aerosoles en España
Why aerosols in Spain are harmless for the ozone layer?
November 8, 2018
protectores solares
Hair spray painting: colour change without consequences
January 28, 2019

How to handle aerosol products?

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We all know, have seen or used at some point an aerosol. However, we may ask ourselves… what is made of? Which is the origin? How is the aerosol filling process performed?

Since the Norwegian Erik Rotheim discovered in 1927 the effect that this pressurized gas mixture caused in a sealed container through a valve, it supposed a change in people’s lives.

Simplicity has arrived to stay and ease our domestic lives. You just have to press the button to obtain a synthetized product in microscopic particles. This is how perfumes in spray, insecticides, paints, medicines, oils and many other products appeared.

Aerosols reaching a worldwide scale

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Everybody wanted to be part of this new mechanism, consequently, the distribution of certain aerosol products expanded in Europe, United States and Asia.

The famous container is a liquid storage. When the valve is pressed, it spreads through the nozzle small particles that are sprayed microscopically to the outside. Hence, this product contains an aluminium can, a valve and a button.

It has been said that one of these fine particles can measure from 0.002 µm up to 100 µm. This feature enables to remain shortly up in the air, but it can stay for a specified period in the applied area.

Those who have used these aerosol products support this idea. Not only because of the simplicity, but also because of the ease of use and the quickness regarding outcomes.

Labels in certain aerosol products

Many people do not like to read the labels of the consumed products, even in aerosol fillers. Nevertheless, why are we continuing this conduct? Are we not interested in knowing the content of the products that we are buying? The expiration date is not the only relevant aspect.

This conduct is due to the excessive amount of information that many times cannot be decoded by the consumer.

Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of this information since we do not know if we may be in jeopardy. This situation may result from the wrong use of the product or the container.

Certain people may wonder why a product can be manufactured if it can cause damage. The answer is simple: each container has a specific use.

Regarding aerosol filling, the dosage of the content is enabled, easing our lives and saving money.

Handling and correct usage

As certain gases are integrated in the aerosol product, handling should be taken seriously.

Speaking about seriousness, it should be understood that a wrong usage may result from fire to death.

When an aerosol filler, which contains a gas at environment temperature, experiences a sharp change in temperature, this product will seek the way to expand or to release abruptly, which will consequently cause an explosion.

Such explosion will cause damage in people, animals or facilities, depending on the magnitude of the incident.

For this reason, our company shares some recommendations about the correct usage that should be given to aerosol products in order to avoid any inconveniences.

5 recommendations to handle aerosol fillers

1. Read carefully the labelling of the products

It makes no difference whether these are oils, paints, hairsprays, deodorants, insecticides or extinguishers. Please take a few minutes to read and detail the information referred in the container.

This reading will enable you to know the usage that should be given to the container before, during and after the role that will perform.

Certain simple points should be considered, such as the instructions and safeguards, or even the manufacturing material. This simple step will serve as a warning to raise awareness about the importance of a correct handling of the product.

If you find a product that does not contain identification data, forget about it and purchase another one. It might be expired or it might not present the optimal conditions for the corresponding utilisation.

Make sure you report this innovation to the shop manager in order to take the necessary precautions and remove the relevant products from the stand. By doing so, we will avoid many future inconveniences with other consumers.  

2. Respect the environment temperature of the filler products

How many times have you seen the flammable symbol in containers and you have paid attention to it?

We are referring to the fire symbol that represents a warning to the user and that many times this icon is ignored.

If your answer is never or hardly ever, we inform you that is now time to pay attention to this symbol, for your own interest and for your family.

As it contains flammable gases, these products should not be stored close to stoves, cookers or where there is heat or fire.

A simple match or permanent contact with an object at a high temperature may cause a great fire.

Therefore, the main recommendation is to store these aerosol products in dry and well-ventilated areas. By doing so, these products can be maintained under the ideal conditions.

Thus, you will avoid future incidents that may damage your loved ones or your home.

3. Exposure to low temperatures

The same situation happens due to the fact that the change in pressure modifies the components. Therefore, do not store these products in cold places such as fridges or refrigerators. Regarding temperature, the extremes are not the most recommended condition in terms of aerosol filling. An additional data to this suggestion: keep aerosols away from children and teach others about the consequences of exposing these aerosol cans to non-desirable temperatures.

In both situations, you are educating about the correct handling of these products.

4. If the aerosol products have already achieved their aim, do not try to open orifices.

Each product has a life cycle that includes the introduction, the growth and the decline. Aerosol filling is not an exception. Therefore, if you have already consumed it and you are interested in purchasing more content, you should substitute this product by buying a new one. Drilling the container is not a good option! You will not find anything new.

If you do so, you will only obtain an explosion that may cause wounds.

To get rid of the product, our recommendation is to place this product in a bin away from fire, cigarettes or even sun rays. Please separate these products in garbage containers dedicated to this type of flammable materials.

5. Store the aerosol filler in upright position

This simple recommendation will prevent any type of blockage when using the content of the container.

If you store this product in horizontal position, the internal particles will reach the valve, impeding the product’s flow.

For this reason, when storing aerosols, we suggest you to place it in upright position.

Make sure you always shake the product before using it in order to achieve better outcomes. It should be noted that when shaking and subsequently when the valve is pressed, the content changes from liquid to gaseous state.

In this way, it is created a pressure, which will be expelled quickly with only a finger press. If you do not shake the product, you will only obtain a simple gas that will not enable you to enjoy the benefits of the purchased items.

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Protect yourself from aerosol products

Distance in your side

When you use some non-consumable containers, do not forget to keep a distance of at least 30 centimetres.

This will avoid direct contact with your eyes, nose, mouth or mucous.

Avoid possible damages

As defined in the product, you should take into consideration that the intensity may produce not only irritations in your organism, but also intoxications.

If you accidentally spray the content of the purchased container in your face or any other part of your body is affected, it is important that you immediately go to a medical centre. Do not put this off until later.

Get this done at your earliest convenience, due to the fact that the expert will determine the seriousness and will provide a treatment for the suffering. Definitively avoid self-medication.

Keep close the appropriate equipment

Another recommendation when handling aerosol products, such as paints or lacquers, is to have the appropriate outfit, such as:

    • Glasses.
    • Hats.
  • Gloves, among others.

Wash yourself after using an aerosol

Prevention is always our best ally. Please do not step aside personal hygiene, once the product has been used.

You should get your hands washed or other parts of the body with the enough soap and you will avoid many future inconveniences.

The care of aerosol products and food

The most common presentation of insecticides is in aerosol fillers and, as a consequence, we should be very careful when using these products.

Use the specified amount

Firstly, you should spray the amount suggested in the instructions, considering the dimensions of the space, because if it is very small and without ventilation, it may cause intoxication in people.

Protect food

However, if you use this type of toxic product in kitchens or areas where you handle food, it is vital that you protect and cover these from these damaging particles.

Please kindly remove every food from the place where you are going to spray or wrap them in sealed containers, where there is no possible access to these toxic items. Once the area is cleared and cleaned, it is important to wash your hands.

Be careful with fire

In case it involves a food product, such as oil or butter, do not forget to keep these away from fire.

This is maybe one of the most important recommendations when using these products.

Return faulty containers

There is nothing better than to avoid consuming products with a slit or a leakage, which may yield unfavourable outcomes.

Beyond returning the container to their origin, it is important to communicate this to the production and distribution sources in order to take the appropriate measures.

If you find a defect in the relevant product in other stores, we suggest you to contact directly with the manufacturing company. Please inform them about the situation and show your awareness as a consumer.

In the manufacturing label, the following data should appear:

    • Email address.
    • Telephone number.
  • Address or social media.

There is no other important warning than the one imposed by a consumer. Make a list and a detailed description about the issue of the damaged container and present this in your suggestion letter, addressed to the relevant manufacturer.

Aerosols and environment

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The battle for the environmental conservation and the usage of aerosol products has been fought for many years. 

This situation results in an agreement that enables the utilisation under certain ecological measures.

Although it is true that the ozone layer has been affected by the emission of certain toxic gases, it is also certainly true that many manufacturing brands have strengthen their efforts to counterbalance this situation. Since the 1980s, aerosols have been reformed totally, thereby avoiding all greenhouse gases.

At present, all information concerning aerosol fillers and ozone layer is not a problem anymore. As a result, the work performed was correctly done and has achieved positive results.


Aerosols safe handling


Regardless of the ecological measures taken by the aerosol filling plants, all safeguards and measures are welcome, not only for the planet, but also for the people that we live in it. 

The aim of these indications about how to handle aerosol products lies in the creation of awareness about a good use.

It is essential to encourage education and knowledge about the importance of reading all items that we consume. 

Introducing the dangers caused by an incorrect use of an aerosol filler to children will enable them to acquire knowledge, responsibility and take cautions to avoid future incidents that may damage your health and the health of the people around us.

Aerosol Xiomara, your aerosol filler company

At Aerosol Xiomara, we take very seriously the safety of our products, both in the manufacturing and the indications shown to users. For this reason, our company performs comprehensive security controls that ensure a good use of the products. You should trust our company in the manufacturing of aerosol products.

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