How to handle a faulty aerosol

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How to handle a faulty aerosol

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Nowadays, aerosols are very necessary and many businesses need them to extend their product to their customers. Nevertheless, it is important to choose an aerosol filling company which manufactures and fills them correctly. A leak point or operating issue may be really severe to the company for several reasons. To start with, the company will suffer financial losses and, on a large scale, the results could be disastrous. Besides, the image portrayed to customers is not good, if your product is faulty, people will not purchase it. Finally, it is very likely that the environment will be harmed and, as a result, your corporate image will be deteriorated.

Tips on what to do with faulty aerosols

It is very important to choose the right aerosol filler company, efficient and safe, in order to avoid any issues, such as faulty aerosols. These are our tips to manage faulty aerosols that, for sure, will be really helpful.


  1. When a faulty aerosol is found, we should first contact the selling point where the product has come from.
  2. Once this step is achieved, there are two basic proceedings. Aerosol filling company XiomaraDepending on the leak point, we should take one or another. The first proceeding should take the aerosol with a considerable leak to an open space or, at least, in an airy space and out of direct sunlight. Once empty, the product should be taken to the selling point. In case microleakage is involved, the product should be taken back to the selling point and we should explain the case.
  3. Aerosols with leak points should be compared to those free-leak products in order to detect the issue.
  4. The information provided is useful for the aerosol manufacturer to avoid any future issues.
  5. It is important that users follow the preventive process for aerosol usage and storing (keep out of the reach of children, protect from sun, keep away from high temperature store areas, and do not perforate).

Leakage during transporting

  1. If the leak point occurs during transport, the remaining units should be isolated, in a ventilated area. If the product is taken by sea transport, it should be treated in a similar way, but urgently once it arrives at the port. A specific area must be always enabled for these purposes.
  2. Staff should always be informed and guided regarding the handling of containers. Besides, before transporting, products must be always checked.

If a leakage occurs in the department stores or distribution centres

  1. If the leak point occurs in the department stores or in the distribution centres, the proceeding recommended by the FEA (European Aerosol Federation) is to remove immediately the aerosols with leak points.
  2. The procedure which is usually followed is to take the aerosol with leak point to a safe area and well-ventilated, until the leak ceases. In order to detect if the leak point has finished, it could be checked comparing if it has the same weight as 24 hours ago or just immersing it in cold water. If the container is empty, it should be taken to a recycling point.

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