Creating the ideal aerosol packaging: 8 steps

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March 30, 2017
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Creating the ideal aerosol packaging: 8 steps

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Not all aerosol filler companies can claim to be the main world leaders in this industry, nor to have 40 years of history. Neither are they members of the Spanish Aerosol Association (AEDA, in its Spanish acronym) and take part in its board. Therefore, when you have to rely on a secure aerosol filler company and with optimum cost-value relationship, Envasado Xiomara immediately comes to mind.  

Regarding our products, we include personal care, cleaning, automobile, insecticides and party products, being the latter a world leader. Committed to the environment, our aerosol filler company follows a management plan of solid and liquid wastes. Achieving the International Standards Standardized ISO 14001 (Bureaus Veritas) proves that the organisation aims to create and improve their products in order to protect the environment for the benefit of all the citizens. For these reasons and for our filling procedures, we strive for international leadership in the aerosol filler market. Don’t you know the ideal packaging procedure? From Envasado Xiomara, we explain the 8 steps to obtain a perfect and secure aerosol container. Don’t miss it!

8 steps to obtain a perfect aerosol containeraerosol filler company

First of all, the aerosol container must be empty.

  1. We first add the product that will contain the recipient, but without the propellant gas.
  2. Then we place the aerosol valve and we fit it in place, ensuring airtight sealing and leak-proof at all times, and closing the container.
  3. It is now when we introduce the propellant through the valve, filling the container with the required pressure in order to discharge the product.
  4. At this point, it is necessary to check the aerosol weight.
  5. It is time now to immerse the aerosol in a hot water bath at an approximate temperature of 50ºC. This operation builds-up the pressure in the container and shows the possible leak points. The aim is to identify the packages that contain leaks to reject them.
  6. The next step is to dry the container.
  7. We place the actuator and the cap.
  8. Finally, it is mandatory to identify the container with a batch code and a packaging date. This traceability is very important.

Once it has been labelled and packaged, the product is ready for shipping. We will obtain a perfectly filled aerosol that complies with all the security standards.

Why should you trust Xiomara, the best company in aerosol filling?

Since Xiomara originated in 1976, the company has never stopped growing and innovating. It has become one of the leading Spanish companies in its industry. Furthermore, their objectives are its vocation for innovation and respect for the environment. Our aerosol filler company pays particular attention to research and innovation, and as a result, we have signed several programs with CDTI. Due to our export nature, our work follows the procedures proposed by the FDA in the United States. If you seek an excellent quality in your filling, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us now and choose Envasado Xiomara!

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