What impact does heat have on aerosol filling?

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August 24, 2017
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March 7, 2018
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What impact does heat have on aerosol filling?

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Risks multiply in summer when using aerosols since the sun and the rise in temperatures cause an increase in the containers’ pressure and, as a result, entails a burst risk. Therefore, it is necessary to entrust your products to a great aerosol filler company for the preparation of your products. In this sense, maximum security is achieved in the complete production and selling process. For a better understanding of the impact of heat in aerosol filling, Envasado Xiomara explains the reaction of these containers when the temperature increases.

How does aerosol filling react to temperature changes?

When a compressed-air bottle is opened and air escapes, the bottle is cooled and, the more air escapes, the more it will cool down.

The same happens with aerosols. Molecular kinetic theory proves that the inner pressure in the bottle is the explanation of the collision of the particles in motion. When air escapes, there are fewer collisions and pressure decreases.

Nevertheless, it is well-known that temperature does not decrease at very low levels, due to the progressive release process and the environment which enables the energy exchanging. This means that as the container gets colder, it absorbs the heat of the environment.

And vice versa, when the container is filled, the air heats, it is transmitted to the container and, as a result, the temperature increases. Therefore, aerosols must pass the test of a 50 degree water batch during three minutes in order to detect any leak points or any faulty container which will not pass the test.

Our company complies with all safety standards in aerosol filling

Even once the product has been finished, some traces of energy may remain in the container and some of the ingredients may be flammable. Moreover, aerosols have their own energy for operating which enables, due to their progressive release, the products´ use.

Impact heat on aerosol filling

Nonetheless, if this energy is released spontaneously, severe harm can be produced in the environment. For this reason, at Envasado Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, safety is granted in all conservation steps.

At our company, containers are supervised before, during and after filling in order to ensure operational safety and to ensure that containers were filled optimally and will not cause any issues during their operation. Our filling procedure is produced according to recognised technical standards and passes all relevant quality controls.

Filling system must ensure it does not surpasses the maximum volume allowed of load in order to avoid any risk produced by an overload container.

Trust Envasado Xiomara, your aerosol filler company

In addition to complying with the safety standards, Envasado Xiomara complies ISO9001, paying special attention to environment (ISO 14001), innovation and ongoing improvement. Our mission is to achieve an optimum cost-value relationship and our vision focuses on being international leaders of the aerosol filler market.

In our aerosol filler company, we seek the optimum value for your money, without risks in quality. Besides, our employees are trained in annual training courses on prevention, occupational safety and Lean Manufacturing (increased development leads to total quality). Trust Xiomara to preserve your products this summer. We are waiting for you!

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