Myths and truths about aerosol filling

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Myths and truths about aerosol filling

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Many people are not familiar with the features and characteristics, benefits, advantages and great opportunities of aerosols. They are a type of filling that has become an element of our daily life, which can be found in a wide range of products, such as home, personal care, industrial, food or pharmaceutical applications.

In the aerosols worlds’ industry, standards have been established to ensure great security, and as a result, these household items produce the least accidents.

For a better understanding of the field of these common containers and their multiple daily applications, from Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, we smash some myths about these sprays. Stay tuned!


  • Aerosol containers are not recyclable.


False. In fact, the aerosol cans are produced with a 25% of recycling materials and the empty cans made of steel and aluminium are perfectly recyclable. It should be noted that, if the 3,500 million products supplied in an aerosol sold annually were recycled, we would obtain the sufficient steel to produce almost 160,000 automobiles.

In order to recycle properly the empty or discarded aerosols, we should consider the components.

Household sprays, such as deodorants, hairsprays, shaving foams, etc. can be recycled directly in the yellow container, with the rest of the metallic, plastic packaging and cartons.

Nevertheless, sprays considered as “extremely flammable” must be taken to the local or special waste facilities for their treatment. It is the case of the sprays containing pharmaceutical products, such as inhalators, which can be recycled in the SIGRE points of the chemist’s.

Convince yourself! Taking care of your health and our environment is perfectly compatible with aerosol consumption.


  • Products in aerosols are harmful to the environment


Fake. These products are not harmful to the ozone layer and neither do they increase the percentage of air pollution or the global warming, since chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) were removed in the 1990s.Aerosol filling

Before 1970, the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) artificially made served as propeller generally used in aerosol products. It was necessary, as it helped the aerosol component reach the skin or the hair. According to a research that proved that CFC depleted the ozone layer and, since the creation of the Montreal Protocol, there were removed completely and its sale was banned in almost all countries. CFC were replaced by propellers that did not harm the ozone layer. Sprays of our aerosol filler company are propelled by compressed gases, such as carbon dioxide.  


  • The use of aerosol products makes a significant contribution to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions which contribute to the formation of ozone at a ground-level or “smog”.


False. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are hydrocarbons presented gaseous with normal ambient temperature or that they are very volatiles at such temperature. Its origin is both natural (VOC biogenic) and anthropogenic (as a result of human activities).

It is true that frequently aerosols contain volatile organic compounds, but the quantity and the nature are very low, which is why they do not produce ozone.

In Spain, there are currently different royal decrees that aim to prevent and reduce air pollution produced by the emission of these volatile organic compounds.


  • If you leave an aerosol in direct sunlight, it explodes

True, but not necessarily. If this is the case, it is because the gasses containing the aerosols, during the constant exposure to heat, expand in the closed container, causing the explosion. It is enough to not expose the aerosol to sunlight in long periods of time nor approach them to heat sources.

In any case, with regard to prevention, aerosol filler companies have to comply with water bath test by warming up in a bath the product recently filled during three minutes at a temperature of 50ºC. This test allows us to verify the effectiveness of the sealing and its potential failure, rejecting those aerosols not properly closed or that may burst. Xiomara complies with this requirement.

For our ongoing commitment, choose Xiomara, your reliable aerosol filler company

At Envasado Xiomara, we protect the environment and we are committed to its care as well as providing the best cost-value relationship of the market thinking about you and your needs. Do not hesitate and choose Xiomara! The best aerosol filler company.

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