Why is it that aerosols are the best choice for your products?

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May 30, 2017
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June 22, 2017
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Why is it that aerosols are the best choice for your products?

perfect aerosol filling at Xiomara

At Xiomara, we are willing to take a further step helping you out with your aerosol filling needs. Our aim is to end up as authentic partners or even travelling companions of our customers. We ease the developing activities of the product, formulation, manufacturing and solution of all issues such as technical, legal and logistics. Quality and customer focus are the main pillars of our job. Do you want to know why aerosol sprays are the best choice for your products? Stay tuned!


Aerosols at Xiomara are subject to very strict controls in accordance to the quality standard ISO 9001 and environmental procedure ISO 14001, implemented in our company in order to obtain the maximum quality in the resulting product. We are willing to become the leaders in the filling industry in Spain. The product is also one of our star attractions. When something is produced with passion, it is always more successful. You will find below a presentation of our manufacturing process of our aerosol filling:

Raw materials

The raw materials used are provided by the leading suppliers in each industry, and as a result, Xiomara has the best elements and technical solutions adapted to each filling. Besides, we provide our customers a broad catalogue of raw materials and technical solutions to develop any product, complying with the strict European standards in any field (cosmetics, insecticides, food industry, etc.).

Product development 

Xiomara provides its customers a broad experience in the development of new products. We adapt to the demanding needs, to changes in the market and to customer preferences.the perfect aerosol filling at Xiomara

Product manufacturing   

The complete manufacturing process is subject to manufacturing procedures established by the specifications and requirements that the filling must comply with.

Intermediate controls are carried out, such as soaking, weights, pressures and yields in accordance with our quality manual. Besides, we are able to adapt to more strict controls.

Checking of the resulting product

After the completion of the pallet, a new check is carried out in the resulting product in order to verify if the batch and the traceability, yield, safety, etc. are correct. The process is followed this way in order to approve it or reject it, in case there is a deficiency, which will be registered and corrected under our protocols ISO 9001.


We are a globally well-known aerosol filler company in the aerosol industry, exporting to dozens of countries. We have 40 years of history and we are a European aerosol filling committed to ongoing developments and environment. We are experts in handling and presenting the resulting product in order to provide a complete service. Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us now. Choose the perfect option!

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