Why should you trust Xiomara to fill air fresheners?

Xiomara filling your cosmetics
Why should you trust Xiomara for filling your cosmetics?
April 25, 2017
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May 24, 2017
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Why should you trust Xiomara to fill air fresheners?

trust Xiomara for a aerosol filler

Xiomara is an aerosol filler company with broad experience in the industry, since 40years ago. As an aerosol filler company, we have managed to position our business, working with companies both nationally and internationally. We have a wide variety of products, being prominent among them our air fresheners. In this article, and we explain the reasons of filling them at Xiomara.

Aerosol filler at Xiomara, your best choice for air fresheners

Why? Because Xiomara is a great company you can trust. We give you 7 important reasons for you to choose us:

  1. As above mentioned, our company has a broad experience that made us to be increasingly more efficient in our work.
  2. We work specifically in the filling of air fresheners. Our filling process is flawlessly controlled. At present, we have three sizes (12 ml, 15 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml and 750 ml), dry air fresheners and Christmas scent, but we can customize them to your preferences.
  3. We do not only work filling air fresheners, but with many other products that are a sample of our work, such as insecticides, personal care, party and cleaning products.
  4. Our company relies on outstanding professionals who will ensure the job is finished as soon as possible and under the best conditions with a competitive price.why trust Xiomara for a aerosol filler
  5. Committed to the environment. Xiomara, in addition to being a company with great ability to work and with a broad range of products, is committed to the environment (ISO 14001). We have a management plan for waste and we also follow the procedures proposed by C-TPAT and FDA in the United States.
  6. Our concern is focused in TQM and constant improvement. Our company strives for innovation, regarding our R&D department as one of our strategic pillars. We have signed several programs with CDTI and agreements with the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which helps us improve and provide the best to our customers.

At Xiomara, as an aerosol filler company, we provide products with optimum cost-value relationship. We train yearly our employees to become even more professional and to decrease the level of risk in their work. Our self-improvement eagerness has made us succeed, but our company is constantly working to improve and to provide the best quality to our customers.

Trust Xiomara to fill your air fresheners

We are the best aerosol filler company you can trust to fill your air fresheners. If you seek an optimum cost-value, do not hesitate to contact us. We have broad experience certified, the best professionals and, furthermore, a wide range of products as a sample of our work. For the best results, do not hesitate and choose Xiomara.

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