Which is the best aerosol filler for sun protection?

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Which is the best aerosol filler for sun protection?

aerosol filling sun protection

Aerosol filling in Spain is often used for many packed products. The main reason for this is the saving that the use of this container implies, due to the controlled distribution of the liquid product that is sprayed and spread in a very controlled manner, spending just the necessary amount. Therefore, this method is one of the most commonly used to package cosmetic products, such as deodorants or perfumes and we can see that more products are imitating this innovative technique.

Benefits in aerosol filling for sunscreen products

Sunscreen products contain specific filters that prevent sunlight penetration in the skin and the subsequent skin damage. One of the advantages of using sunscreen in aerosol is the conservation of the product, since it is important that sun protection remains the same and does not get damaged by the action of the climate. Although it seems certain that the most comfortable and useful for customers is aerosol filling, there are still some doubts of which type is the most suitable. We have selected and analysed two for you to consider when choosing a product in terms of the function given.aerosol filling sun protection xiomara 3 

Traditional liquid spray

This type of product is highly recommended for families with children. Small children on the beach and in the swimming pool are constantly removing half of the cream and this filler has a greater liquid content. The most common issue is that the product is sprayed in liquid form and it may be sticky, just like the cream jar. This product is essential in products marketed to children.

Innovative foam spray

This product is increasingly in demand, because this is a kind of mousse, much more useful to spread the product in the body. Furthermore, the feeling is much more pleasant, because it is easy to handle and the weight is very light feeling. Therefore, an increasing number of customers is purchasing this kind of product.aerosol filling sun protection xiomara

Another reason customers sometimes prefer spray is due to the modernity idea, because the designs and the structure of the container are different to what we are used to. The common spray is the container we are used to and customers are increasingly demanding more creativity.

Choose the best aerosol filling in Spain

At Xiomara, we always make sure that the design is the most suitable and attractive for each type of customer, for any type of aerosols. Ideally it should be joined by an easy use, simplicity and attractiveness of the design and the adaptation and our professionals always take care of these characteristics.

Depending on the characteristics of your product, it is better to use a specific type of container, as within other areas. Therefore, the functions of your product should be well-analysed in order to directly address customers’ preferences. At Xiomara, your aerosol filler company in Spain, we help you determine which aerosol best suits your needs. Contact us and try it yourself.

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