Why aerosol filling is the ideal option for gelatine glaze

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Why aerosol filling is the ideal option for gelatine glaze

aerosol filling

Aerosol filling is becoming more popular due to the high profits produced. When we go to a store, we may find thousands of products filled this way. We may find air fresheners and home cleaning products, pioneers in the utilisation of these resources, since the container retains the chemical products in a safe and effective manner. Cosmetic companies have dared to use these devices, just like in motor products, hardware products and some party products. Concerning the food industry, the advantages are being experimented with this type of fillers. Did you know that aerosols are also used for gelatine glaze?

Utility of aerosol filling in gelatine glaze

With the increasing trend arising from cooking television programmes, many people are encouraged to perform culinary innovations. Many cooking and baking courses from chefs are taught, directly resulting in a high demand of innovative food products. In other words, the user is demanding new products to experience with new cuisine, but this demand was not always easy to satisfy.aerosol filling xiomara 2 

Occasionally, company’s manufacturers of traditional products, instead of creating new projects, provide the same products, only adding different and innovative components. In other words, it is about maintaining the essence, but modifying some aspects. We have observed over the years how most famous brands invent new designs to attract new customers and many times this approach is more successful than a great advertising campaign. This is the result arising from the demand of new products above mentioned. Therefore, at Xiomara we always pay close attention to the design of the products, in almost the same way as quality, since a good presentation means success is guaranteed.

At Food Aerosols Spain, company group of Xiomara, we are aware that users are demanding some important aspects, such as the quality of the products. One of the most prominent advantages is the maintaining of the product features. It is becoming increasingly common to find these liquids filled in spray in the supermarket. The reason is because this type of containers maintain all the product’s features unaltered. Therefore, this is the safest container in the market, since the inner product cannot be affected by internal factors, which is not the case with other traditional containers, with which it is more likely that the product will be spilled.

aerosol filling xiomara 3In addition, Xiomara’s aerosols comply with the quality standards and care for the environment. This feature is fundamental nowadays due to climate change issues, and customers are aware of the importance in this regard.

Furthermore, regarding baking, specific measures are always required to obtain optimal outcomes. Therefore, aerosol filling allows the product to be dosed in a way that prevents the excess of product.

Choose aerosol filling

At Food Aerosols Spain, company group of Xiomara specialized in food sprays, we work with the best qualified professionals in the filling industry, in order to ensure success to our customers. Choose the future with our aerosol filling. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer your queries.

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