Why aerosol fillers conserve better olive oil?

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Why aerosol fillers conserve better olive oil?

aerosol filling conserves better olive oil

You have probably seen that in recent years the innovative idea of introducing olive oil in aerosols became fashionable. This is because aerosol filling is a really innovative technique that is proving to be very successful recently among consumers of these products. It is increasing the number of products adapted to a spray format. This may be due to the comfortability and usefulness they provide, as well as their user-friendliness. At Xiomara, through our partner FOOD AEROSOLS SPAIN, we explain you the advantages of filling olive oil in an aerosol.

How aerosol filling in olive oil works and its advantages

the advantages of aerosol filling in olive oil - XiomaraFirst, olive oil being filled in spray format does not mean that it is different from the ones filled in traditional plastic bottles. Therefore, there is just one thing that changes: the packaging and the design. The benefits of these oils are conserved the same way in each of the packages. They have not become substitutes of the usual plastic bottles, but simply an innovative solution.

Olive oil filled in aerosol is separated from the propellant with a bag which is introduced inside this product (Bag on Valve Filling). This approach is followed to guarantee that quality is fulfilled and that their properties are protected. Once the diffuser is pressed, the bag is compressed and olive oil is expelled through the diffuser, spraying the product. The only product that is added to these aerosols is the olive oil. In contrast with other products, gas is not used.

Advantages of aerosol filling in olive oil

As with many other types of aerosols, regardless of the benefits that the inner product may have, a series of benefits are also produced once used that, besides, are the key to success in these sprays:

  • This option enables you to have a better control of the quantity of oil used in each spray. For instance, regarding the caloric intake, a second of spray is equal to 15 calories. This helps control our oil intake in each of our meals, thus avoiding excesses.Aerosol filling
  • You may distribute the oil uniformly. All sprayed oil will be distributed equally.
  • It helps you save some money.
  • Furthermore, it has an ornamental advantages because it can be added at the table and impress your guests, thank to innovation in this kind of products.

As shown, the benefits that produce the aerosol filling in this type of products are focused in functionality and usability.

Food Aerosols Spain, partner of Xiomara, is dedicated to aerosol filling with olive oil

At Xiomara, your aerosol filler company, we are experts in food products, such as olive oil. Our years of experience and our professional, highly qualified team and commitment are a sign of guarantee. Do not hesitate to request all the information you need to know about aerosol filling. We are waiting for you!

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